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  1. Unified

    Just downloaded and installed this and the add on after seeing the YouTube vid. Yeah, I know, late to the game. Incredible work @CriticalCid, it's not only beautiful but very responsive - snappy fast. Hands down the best theme I've used so far. Thanks for your work!
  2. Launchbox 8.0 Released - Change Log

    Late to the game here, been out of the loop for a bit. Just saw this 8.0 update and fired up my LaunchBox. Looks like I missed 8.0 as my 7.16 just updated to 8.1. Thanks guys, I'll be checking it out fully soon. And grats on the major update.
  3. NeoGeo CD w/ Mess Tutorial

    Windows 10 here. DTLite version 10.5. It's possible there's an update for DTLite. I seem to recall getting a notice but never paid it much mind. Maybe I should check into that. Edit...there was an update to 10.7 for DTLite. Unfortunately it didn't help. I'll just blame Windows 10 and move on
  4. NeoGeo CD w/ Mess Tutorial

    Thanks @Lordmonkus but still no luck. The problem I had and still have is the .bat file works except - and this is the killer - I have to manually mount and unmount from within DTLite. In other words I run the .bat file, DTLite opens but sits there waiting for me to mount the .cue file. So I manually select the drive to mount (usually I:) point it to the .cue file and it goes from there, loading up the emulator (Unz in my case) and the game loads and plays fine. Then when I quit, DT Lite opens again and again sits there waiting for me to manually unmount the drive before closing down. It just one of those nagging little things, heh. Mame works OK for some of the Marty games but most of the ones I've tried in Mame are arcade ports. And there are some gems on the Marty that never made it to the arcades and as such, not playable in Mame. I don't play them often but when I do I usually just load up Unz outside of Launchbox and go.
  5. NeoGeo CD w/ Mess Tutorial

    Here's the original thread... It's just one of those little things I never did get working.
  6. NeoGeo CD w/ Mess Tutorial

    There's a few games, Rayxanber comes to mind, that don't work in Mame for me. I have the bios, full sets of everything, etc...but some of those Marty games just won't load in Mame for me.
  7. NeoGeo CD w/ Mess Tutorial

    Doesn't work for me.
  8. NeoGeo CD w/ Mess Tutorial

    OK then how did you do it? It's been awhile since I tried but I'm using Unz for emulating FM Towns Marty which required manually mounting and unmounting the .cues with Daemon Tools Lite. Sure would be nice to switch games from within LaunchBox on the fly
  9. NeoGeo CD w/ Mess Tutorial

    Interesting you mention FM Towns Marty and Mame. Have you gotten that to work in Mame without manually mounting and unmounting the .cue files?
  10. ExoDOS Import

    Thanks, I'm stoked for this one. It's coming down to my seedbox now and hope you feel better soon @eXo!
  11. ExoDOS Import

    No server here either, but I'm on Pleasuredome and seedbox ready. I'll let you guess my username there, but I'll be seeding for a long, long time. I hear ya. I have all the Nintendo consoles from NES to Switch. Only the Switch is hooked up ATM and the son loves his 3DS. He plays that more than the Switch. Had the 2600 as well, but it's long gone. Wish I'd have kept that as well but right now I'm more interested in working vintage computers. As for consoles, the one I'd really like to have back is my Neo-Geo AES. Some of the carts I had for that would be worth a bitcoin now
  12. ExoDOS Import

    Thanks @NLS I'm kicking myself now for selling off all my vintage gear, mostly Atari's, 400, 800, 520ST. But I did have that A500 and an Apple //c. I had always wanted an Apple but they were like 3 times the price of my Atari 8-bits. When I finally got the money together for one I was pretty disappointed in the thing, mostly because the games on it sucked compared to my beloved Atari's, haha. So I dumped it for the Amiga. Wish I still had that Amiga A few months back I bought a used Atari 800 in great shape and added the Ultimate Cart and a Sio2SD for disk emulation so I can load and save ATRs. It's really scratched my retro itch and I'm looking to expand once Christmas is over and I recover from that. The son has me on the hunt for all those new mini arcade machines now.
  13. ExoDOS Import

    Atari's ruled my world But yeah, it was painful at times getting dropped in the middle of a file transfer especially when someone in the house would pick up an extension. I got to where I unplugged the extensions when it was time to transfer files. I had an Amiga 500 but never had a 8-bit Commodore. I've been thinking about picking one up sometime, a C64. Do you still have one NLS? I'm wondering if there's something equal, and equally as good, as the Ultimate Cart I have for my Atari 800 that lets me load up a SD card with roms??
  14. ExoDOS Import

    Back in the day.... Oh man, now you're talking. No C64 here, but I had several 8-bit Atari computers. BBSing from a small town meant calling out anywhere was a long distance charge. And boy did those phone bills rack up fast at 300 baud. Which is why I learned fast how to call the toll free operator where I worked (railroad man back then), give her the number to the BBS I was calling, and set the modem to dial "1" and listen for the tone before putting the handset in the cradle. The "1" was because it was a rotary phone and the shortest route to free, haha. Things are surely better now but I still have good memories of those days
  15. ExoDOS Import

    Damn whippersnapper