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  1. What is rocket launcher? Should I be using it?

    I thought about giving RL a try and can't even get registered there, haha, something about being denied registration because they don't allow spammers. I guess they don't like my VPN, I dunno, but I'm not going to bother.
  2. Steam Summer 2017 Sale

    There's some good stuff there but I'll more than likely pass. I get most of my digital PC games through GOG where it's DRM free which allows me to install on more than one PC. Edit:...I should say install and play on more than one PC. I can think of a few games where the wife and I couldn't be on and playing at the same time.
  3. FM Towns Marty

    Appreciate it @Alexandre. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. For whatever reason DT refuses to unmount/mount anything unless I click it. Just like before it just sits there until I tell it to unmount/mount so I have to manually mount whatever game I want to run.
  4. Atari

    Received my Atari 800 today and it's in great shape.
  5. Atari

    Fox News has a blurb about it today... Still not much to go on but it's nice to see it's making a little noise. My 800 has shipped and I should have it by week's end. And I also have an Ultimate SD Cartridge for it coming. I can load that sucker up with games and play on the real hardware.
  6. Atari

    Over at the Atariage forums there's a rumor that there's some TV ads out. But I haven't see any yet.
  7. Atari

    Thanks @neil9000...and here's another short blurb about it: https://www.cnet.com/news/ataris-rumored-new-game-console-is-real-and-pc-based/ I also just bought an Atari 800. Won't be here for a week or so but it's supposedly in pristine conditiion. I'm excited and I'll post up some pics when it gets here.
  8. GOG Summer Sale 2017 Recommendations

    Oh my! Quake!! Good times. DOOM, Duke 3D, etc....is where I cut my teeth as far as online gaming goes. But getting a game going was a pain and often times a failure. But Quake, oh man, that was the bomb. Then Quake 2 and after that Heretic II was really, really good. I played that for quite a while. There was a small but devoted community and I still have a friend or two from those days. PanicFire where are you?!?! Even the devs would get on and play with us from time to time which was really cool. Mouse and keyboard FTW!....GG!! Then Everquest sucked me in and away from the online shooters and good luck finding a good old fashioned deathmatch now. That's OK though, seems the older I get....and trust me I'm ancient....the more I enjoy the old simple pleasures of the arcade classics like Pac Man, Pooyan, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, etc... ...speaking of Donkey Kong. Have you guys played Donkey Kong Remix in MAME? Very cool, hard, but really worth the effort to get it running.
  9. GOG Summer Sale 2017 Recommendations

    Yeah, it works with the PS4 as you described. I've never tried it though, got it just for MAME.
  10. GOG Summer Sale 2017 Recommendations

    Definitely, it's a great stick. For about $60 here in the U.S. it's a bargain. Like you, I always wanted an arcade stick but being on a fixed income and limited budget the prices of some of these are up there. The F300 has been more than worth the price for me.
  11. GOG Summer Sale 2017 Recommendations

    It's good as is but throw a Sanwa joystick in there and it's even better.
  12. GOG Summer Sale 2017 Recommendations

    Shadow Warrior 2 is a great game, I love the RPGish aspect of the game. I haven't played much of anything I bought yet. I've been having a blast with the old classics in MAME since I upgraded my Mayflash F300 arcade stick. I put Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa joystick in and it's been great. The buttons I don't really notice much of an improvement but the joystick is much better. Tighter, more precise control, and my scores are improving as a result. My only complaint is not with the joystick but I ordered (Amazon) the joystick with the green ball handle and I got red. I thought about sending it back but decided to just keep it. I also have the 8-way restrictor plate but I'm keeping it as is (4-way), I have a playlist with 208 4-way MAME games. I might get another F300 and do the same mod but 8-way. For about $100 for the stick and Sanwa parts it's been well worth it.
  13. Just personal preference. I don't use them for consoles, just the older classic arcade games in MAME. I like the way it gives some of these a more authentic feel and look.
  14. I don't use bezels for everything. But I like them for the old classics. I picked out Joust, Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, and Galaxian from that video and replaced what I was using with them. Otherwise I'm just using bezels from Emumovies, Mr. Do's Castle, or Progetto Snaps.
  15. PS4 controller issues

    I use Input Mapper for my PS4 controller. Works great for all the consoles I have.