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  1. Okay so I think I have fixed it with your help!!! Because it said the destination was just Launchbox\Data..that's where I was putting it!! I didn't know it had to go in to the Platform folder!! Thanks Guys!!
  2. There is no Arcade.xml in the data folder, also when I try to put one in from the backup folder it says the same error??
  3. Hi, I cant seem to start up LaunchBox or BixBox because of this error message. It was working fine the other day. I've looked in the folder and I can't see a .xml file. Thanks
  4. I'll try the renaming when I get in from work. I'm using the Launchbox wizard, I've tried adding the folder and the files but it's still the same.
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble with importing games for the C64. It's only showing up that I have titles that begin with A. It doesn't matter what emulator I use only the A games show up?? Any ideas people?? Cheers
  6. Hi, is there still help out for this?? When I import my .D64 files only about 5 of them show up??
  7. Turnster


    Hi People, All my c64 games are .nib and are not loading?? Can someone point me in the right direction on what to do please. Thanks
  8. Cheers dude!!! I binned all my ADF files and started again with WHD!! A lot better!! Thank You again!!!
  9. Thanks dude!!, I'll have a watch when I get in from work.
  10. Hi, on another note, can anyone help me with multiple disc loading? After loading disc 1 of Flashback it says insert Disc 2? How do I make it auto load please? Cheers.
  11. I cant seem to find anything on this Commodore platform??? Anyone?? Cheers
  12. I'm having trouble using the Shield controller with certain Emus but I think it's just me not looking into the problem. But I love the Shield. Still loads to set up on it though as I'm learning about it.
  13. Yeah, I'm using the Hoxs 64- Emulator and I still cant get it working :-(
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