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  1. My Amiga collection is over 30000 roms, don't think anyone is a dublicate Im going for all ADF's format
  2. Zeaede

    Mame Tutorial for n00bs

    Is MAME 0.204 ROMs (split) the thing to go if you want the roms for mame? All these seperated torrents is confusing Got them working on Retroarch to complicated on other mame frontends
  3. Those having the MSX set Some roms have .cas format Do you have to type RUN "CAS:" for them to run then press play (for tape?)
  4. In the past i have had no issues to play wii games with Dolphin Haven't touch it for a while but now when i try run wbfs roms I don't get that white screen with the hand controll image on it Dolphin shuts down before Have i missed something with settings?
  5. Zeaede

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    Thanks for pointing that out
  6. Zeaede

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    How about when you have added a system on one drive Maybe later you want to move that system another drive When in Launchbox, right click on a system get edit couldn't it be just a simple change letter folder path instead of rescanning whole system only becouse it has a new location?
  7. Hi

    Saw your post about 17t collection, not intrested of sharing on torrent?

    Reason i ask is many of us don't want people to be ripped off by expensive youtube drives

    It should be free for all to share

    1. neil9000


      Please stop asking people to share there romsets with you. Everything is available online if you know where to look. You should never buy a HDD with games on it, not only is that highly illegal, they also steal work from the great people in this community and do so without permission and without giving the original creators credit.

    2. Zeaede


      Sorry then

      Yeah i know it's avalible, i have my sources

      Just pity people with bigger collection haven't got connected dump it all in one

      Sorry to bother you

  8. Hello

    Saw your posts you had a 13 tb collection

    You are not intrested of sharing that on torrent?

    Many buys youtube drives but this should be on torrent or goole drive sites


    1. misterlamide


      Emuparadise has all the Roms in my collection that’s the site I downloaded everything I have don’t see the point in sharing it over torrent when it’s all there 

    2. Zeaede


      Ok, well emuparadise is shut down with sharing links to roms

      To bad no one that has bought youtube drivers put it up on torrents

      So others wouldn't be ripped off, that was my thought

  9. I have almost a full set with hyperspin xml Think im missing 2 Some games i have in Europe but are labeled US with hyperspin That is 2585 roms in total but some games are 2 discs
  10. Zeaede

    Can't play some MSX games

    I have issues running some games wount run same results with blueMSX or with Retroarch One game is Gauntlet Either version i try it wount run? Are these games corrupt?
  11. Zeaede

    Atari 5200 and RetroArch 1.74

    I got Atari 5200 working on Retroarch by putting bios 5200 in system folder Then launching a game i press F1 go down to options There i change Atari 800 to 5200 on Atari System But when i launch Atari 5200 games with Retroarch the sound cracks up at the beginning If i run games with Altirra emulator i got no issues with sounds running same games Maybe the sound issues can be fix in settings in Retroarch?
  12. So i think i got commodore 64 running on Retroarch, figured out how to change joystick to vice in menu and now can use my keyboard settings for games Only problem with commodore 64 is most games you have to activate buttons to launch game and many of those buttons are connected to hotkeys in RA I have a profile in RA for commodore 64 if i just changes hotkey spots as i want it? One thought i have is to have another copy of RA where i just mess around with all hotkeys just have connection to one button Another thought is i run CCS64 through rocketlauncher, and still can have games zipped
  13. Zeaede

    Where are missing MAME roms?

    If you go with hyperspin xml and rocketlauncher i think it's about 200 missing roms But since someone added them to hyperpsin xml they do must excists?
  14. Zeaede

    LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    I said no mate It seems very stable as of what i have tried so far Another exampel - if i would import roms From when i click on the menu bar and is asked to import folder - there the mouse again could chainge from ponter to blue circle rotating and if i didn't press button it could take a couple of minutes before i could go on import the folder If i pressed button during that point LB would end crashing, nothing now either
  15. Zeaede

    LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    On previous version i had problems with "wobbling" The frame could change it's structure - haven't noticed anything of that now Also i had issues LB crashed if i switched to another system on the menu bar - nothing of that now But when if if did - say i want to switch to another system - the mouse pointer changes to a blue circle like it's on idle If i press mouse button LB would end up freezing with a white screen with eventually ends with a message this program has stop responding