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  1. 'At 9:00 it shows how i have with black background But no instruction is showing how go from black to all wheels have the theme But never mind
  2. Where have i ignored? I asked question about something i have missed but can't give me simple answer, i simply have to look for them myself
  3. Ok then, i leave launchbox and go full coin ops 2 instead
  4. Since i have nothing to go after i try whatever But thanks anyway
  5. Thanks for the request, however, im kinda noob with big box and themese I have seen some turtorials but they seems to missing some steps which is making me lost I figured out you have to add themes at Apply as Main Theme and Apply as (there options of platforms and gamewheels is shown) But from there im totally lost Any help appreciated
  6. Noticed some changes with Apply as Main Theme and Apply as (there options of platforms and gamewheels is shown) But still not even close
  7. I got the look on main weel, but not the other 2 game wheels, that's the problem So apparently some thing i missed in settings somewhere i can't find any turtorial to explain or not show how
  8. Take this turtorial It is only showing how to insltall themes through manage them Then everything is set in game wheel So not wonder im kinda lost
  9. Thanks for tip Well, most videos i've seen with big box There you see how you go into manage theme > pick theme > install theme When that is done everything is done in gamewheel Seems like im missing a couple of steps there
  10. Im going after coin ops theme Main wheel changed, but don't know how to change the other wheels to match theme Don't see any turtorial how to change that, only how picking and installing a theme Oh well, guess i have to dump Launchbox go after Coin Ops 2 instead
  11. Im not anywhere near to look like this Like i wrote before, im totaly lost here
  12. Haven't seen any videos of Big Box when they go from black to logos actually
  13. Seen several videos of BIG BOX But can't find anywhere figure out why the game wheel is only black/white? Game wheel looks kinda like this I must have missed something in settings?
  14. I downloaded the latest exo, installed few games, and the images coming along works with theme I think the wheel games is set on default, with black background white text?
  15. Im trying with the coin ops theme Everything is working with settings emulators in Launchbox Obviosly it's something in the "views" settings im messing up with in BIG BOX If i try setup NES, i guess i have to download set of videos from EMU Movies? Is there anything else needed to complete NES set besides the videos and the theme?
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