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  1. I have set of swtich xci roms of 6 tb total Im pretty much very close complete set of wii, think that is around 3 TB comgination of wbfs and gtz format I have 3 sets of wii-u, wux, wii u usb little helper and scene release, that is total 3 tb, each release around 1 tb
  2. I have complete set of Wii combined gtz and wbfs... it's at least over 3 TB Im getting the full set of wii u little helper, think it's gonna be over 1 TB I was suprised my cpu could do xbox 360 games so i have to grab that too
  3. Don't know how much my collection is gonna end at But im gonna add PS3 XBOX360 WII U WII and Switch The Switch set is at 6tb and so is the WII set, PS3 XBOX 360 is bigger sets
  4. Something happend with my CEMU, when i try play any game at any format i get the message "ErrEula" Anyone knows about it and if it can be fixed? Thanks!
  5. Finally got that emulator setup download it from somewhere else allready configure Would never ever figure it out myself
  6. If i try importing all MAME it seems go very slow downloading playlist media, should it be that way?
  7. Thanks for screens, now i got the same look on game wheel, but without logos on games. That simple step is missing at many instructions how set up theme I figured out how to get logos for the games, just check all marks when importing games for that system If i want videosnaps i get them from EMU movies
  8. I don't find any instructions anywhere how to get main wheel game wheel looks like this with that selected theme There is dussin of options and combinations to pick in settings No turtorial is showing how that is done with Apply as Main Theme or Apply as All turtorials is missing steps how to
  9. 'At 9:00 it shows how i have with black background But no instruction is showing how go from black to all wheels have the theme But never mind
  10. Where have i ignored? I asked question about something i have missed but can't give me simple answer, i simply have to look for them myself
  11. Ok then, i leave launchbox and go full coin ops 2 instead
  12. Since i have nothing to go after i try whatever But thanks anyway
  13. Thanks for the request, however, im kinda noob with big box and themese I have seen some turtorials but they seems to missing some steps which is making me lost I figured out you have to add themes at Apply as Main Theme and Apply as (there options of platforms and gamewheels is shown) But from there im totally lost Any help appreciated
  14. Noticed some changes with Apply as Main Theme and Apply as (there options of platforms and gamewheels is shown) But still not even close
  15. I got the look on main weel, but not the other 2 game wheels, that's the problem So apparently some thing i missed in settings somewhere i can't find any turtorial to explain or not show how
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