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  1. When importing a system, and when it's done in Launchbox You see all games that are missing clear logos, that was imported in grey boxes with white letters instead of clear logos When you go to another system and then back to that last imported system, the grey boxes are gone And they're not been listed on gamewheel in Big Box
  2. Is there a way, when in game wheel, games that are imported, but not having clear logos, can't been seen in game wheel, can be seen without clear logos?
  3. Didn't knew what to change view before i got it set up, there are 2 lines in view settings which can be combinated in a dozen way
  4. Another question All systems and game wheel looks like this with the arcade In the theme folder i see this, can you change the arcade image to right system image?
  5. I think i got it working now, misstake i did was press yes installing theme caused me the problems I uninstalled theme, installed it back again, pressed no second time Now it looks like this Thanks everyone helping noob out
  6. After changed theme Unified Refried to Coinops Redux 1.0.5 and apply it as main theme, it now looks like this I do wrong somewhere
  7. This is what i have now, what changes should i do from here to change to right theme?
  8. Thanks for steps Dosen't have any folder label Coinops, only Coinops and COINOPS REDUX 1.0.5 Should redux be rename to CoinOps?
  9. That is what im trying to figure out what themes per flatform should be on BB with COINOPS REDUX 1.05 The theme is what i like most, but seems difficult to set up
  10. What i have done is 1. Download COINOPS REDUX 1.05.zip, Unzip COINOPS REDUX 1.05.zip to Themes folder 2. Options/Views/ Manage Themes/Installed/COINOPS REDUX 1.05 (Should i apply as main theme?/Got the question "would you like to reset all your platforms and playlist to use this theme as well, yes or no"?) Don't know if i should click yes or no and from there om lost Im not even close get mainwheel to look as picture, i only get other sort of looks of combination when i do changes
  11. Yes, BB has a bunch of view types, and im not even close getting it right like it's supposed to look like here? This is what im trying the game wheel to look, but getting something else instead I must do something wrong somewhere
  12. Thanks And correct Theme at options/view should be COINOPS REDUX 1.05? Next under its Default Startup View I changed platworm list view and games list view with combination but probably don't know what im doing Easy to get lost with so many combinations of settings make it right On switch view , don't really know what you mean map it in to a key? Think bigbox is to complicated for me but thanks
  13. There i only see other theme unified, redux, refried?
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