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  1. Don't know what have happened but something did which makes i can't play any system any rom any games? When try run a game i get a message like this "The specified file is not a valid program in this operating system." I get this message with a fresh clean installation of Launchbox Don't know what happendend why i get this. Worst case i have to reinstall windows 10 all over
  2. Hopefully that did the trix, thanks for help
  3. Something has happend to my Launchbox and i can't do updates When i get message for new version try install it i get this message Launchbox unable to execute file in the temporary directory. Setup deported Any ideas?
  4. After years i now finally got WII U and Wii complete so a couple of 1000 more games to the collection
  5. Trying out openMSX for the MXS set and it works outside Launchbox but not when im trying to launch same game with Launchbox? Also tried Rlauncher > openMSX same thing there Anything blocking it to work or some command line i missed?
  6. The issue i had with vic so far is the crt format and multidisc, i solved that problem I got single discs in crt format to work with C64 forever, outside forever i don't get it to work There are 4 formats left i see how that turns out Issue i have left is i have som bad graphics with some games depending how i start them If i start Capture the flag through Launchbox i get bad graphics But if i start same game through C64 Forever the graphics is good?
  7. Never got it working with Retroarch vic core But not that important when i can decide my keyboard settings on winvice
  8. Thanks to the turtorial above i got Donkey Kong to work at least This is for multidiscs in crt format This works best with Tosec set At associated platform type in this .d64 .tap .prg > Default Command Line > -fullscreen -autostart .crt > Default Command Line >-fullscreen -cartgeneric Multipart > Default Command Line > A000=-cartA / 2000=-cart2 / 4000=-cart4 / 6000=-cart6 At Default Command-Line Parameters: -fullscreen -cartgeneric When that is done, the tricky part then is to create a bat file, this should be place same folder where rom is My Donkey Kong bat looks like this "F:\Emulators\VICE\xvic.exe" -fullscreen -cart2 "Donkey Kong (1983)(Atarisoft)(NTSC)[2000][multipart].crt" -cartA "Donkey Kong (1983)(Atarisoft)(NTSC)[A000][multipart].crt" -cart2 is becouse of the 2000 and -cartA is for the A000 Add bat file to Launchbox I understood that part, probably are more tricky with other versions of kombination with numbers and letters on other games It also works with the prg set Donkey Kong-2000 Donkey Kong-a000
  9. My biggest struggle now is multidisc, i think i have found the solution explained here d64/tap/prg: -fullscreen -autostart crt: -fullscreen -cartgeneric Multipart: A000=-cartA / 2000=-cart2 / 4000=-cart4 / 6000=-cart6 It starts at 13:00, this should be the solution for multidisc, but i don't get it working? Im trying to get Donkey Kong to work 2 discs fullscreen -autostart Formatos crt: -fullscreen -cartgeneric Multipart: A000=-cartA / 2000=-cart2 / 4000=-cart4 / 6000=-cart6
  10. I have 5 formats in my set, CRT, D64, PRG, T64, TAP With WinVice i have figured out i have to change either block type or tape type to get a game working When i got a game running with correct settings, how do i keep seetings for that particular game, when next game demands another setting?
  11. Thanks for screen, got it working, was some issue with the cfg file at the extra command-line parameters line
  12. Just becouse i misspelled it here you can't do that on associated platforms with lb so that is not the problem EDIT: I solved it with the .cfg and had to remake a file
  13. In LB and associated platforms i have Mattell Intellivission > freeintv_libretro Default Emulator checked Outside LB Retroarch works with bios and picked core freeintv_libretro
  14. Have problem get Matell Intellivission work If i run Retroarch through Rocketlauncher, it crashes If i try start game through Launchbox nothing happends If i play a game outside with Retroarch it works, bios is in system folder Any ideas what causing this?
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