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  1. Trying to setup Sharp X68000 tried different set of BIOS but it only ends up with black screen Trying to load Afterburner II the game starts you see a picture, then screen goes black but you hear sound?
  2. Im trying to setup keyboard gaming setup for the Atari ST with STEEM But i always failure does not get the keys to work Anyone else got it working? I got it working for Hatari but it is easier to swap multidiscs with STEEM
  3. Im about to setup the Atari ST set and trying out Hatari or Steem But can't decide what is better for use to swap discs in multi discs games What do other prefere? And should multi discs be zipped in one zip or should them be seperated for easiest access?
  4. I have added some +50 systems and passed the 63000 mark Most systems i got run with RA Most sets are complete after hyperspin sets Have japanese roms only on Nintendo 3DS, to lazy to sort them out Seen some have 200 systems so got some left
  5. I have som ST games in zip and there i have subfolder In that folder there are a couple of files When i open that folder with STEEM there is an icon label BOOT When i activate it, it opens a windows and shows nothing? Anyone knows if this kind of roms are for the real ATARI ST only or can it be played with STEEM?
  6. The issues seems to be solved now, dosen't get any error reports importing roms now
  7. Thanks to fast service!
  8. If i try add roms now it can't download images but roms seems to be imported with out covers
  9. This is how it looks with fresh install https://i.postimg.cc/hPR9br7b/launchbox.jpg The green bar does not move on to next stage importing roms
  10. Anyeone else have problems with "Refreshing local metadata from the Launchbox Games database"? Usually that bar only appears for a short moment then i see the names of roms be imported But now the green bar just repeating it self in the same position nothing happeneds, even after a fresh install?
  11. I fixed my other issue as well In Launchbox, you have 2 directories named Arcade I changed both to MAME and it matches Rocketlauncher So now i have the options if i want to run MAME or RA Thanks for help and fast responds
  12. I solved it with MAME, all i had to do was to run mame64.exe and add directories problem solved all games works I guess it's something simple i forgot not getting RA running The "choose an emulator" is like mine, I have some systems running with Rocketlauncher, like SEGA CD zipped, it's only MAME struggling I wonder if it depends on with Launchbox its label ARCADE but with Rocketlauncher it label MAME Thanks for the screen
  13. I have the latest mame 205 split roms with mame64.exe which i grabbed from here https://download.cnet.com/MAME-64-bit/3000-2121_4-75935278.html That combination works when i run it through Rocketlauncher I followed your turtorials, i noticed one thing and think i have solved parts of my problems I have my game folder not under mame. So i tried moved a game from my folder to mame/rom folder Then i change location on Launchbox, launch game works with mame64.exe But i would prefer Retroarch as i have with Rocketlauncher
  14. When in LB if i rightclick on a game i get launch with and all emulators appears but game wount run
  15. I have tried different with tools > Manage Emulator > Associated platforms > Add arcade as default for MAME RA RL Same results If i switch over to RL i can run games with either RA or MAME as default emulator
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