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  1. Here's an example of what I mean. Sorry for not replying sooner.
  2. I don't have any auto-populated playlists no.
  3. So I did as you said and left it to run for a few minutes and it definitely does calm down. CPU usage drops to about 2% down from 98% and RAM usage is about 3gb. Startup though seems very demanding on the CPU with usage going up to 99%. I hope this gets better with time and perhaps it's something to be looked at for 10.15.
  4. I see, well I'll give that a go and get back to you. Thanks for the prompt response
  5. I am currently experiencing an issue where LB starts to use way too much RAM, sometimes as high as 11gb out of 16. It's only as of version 10.14 that this has been happening. Is there a way to limit the ram usage? I have to end up closing the application to run games smoothly. I have an i7 8700k with 16gb of ddr4 ram
  6. Yeah, ah well. I might try and submit some data myself. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi, I'm a new user to Launchbox and I recently imported my Amstrad CPC roms in. About 60-70% of them have no cover data and in some cases have PSX, SNES, GB or ZX Spectrum covers. Is there some way that in the next update there could be a larger database for Amstrad and more accurate metadata retrieval?
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