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  1. Thank you so much. That worked perfect. I love this community and sry if this was a dumb question.
  2. Hello, thank you for Launchbox and all your work that goes into it. I'm lovin it so far. Unfortunately one thing doens't work for me. If I import a Plattform and set a Standard Emulator for this Plattform i can't change this choice afterwards unless i import the plattform again. For example i imported the ColecoVision with Mame as the Emulator and i wanted to change it to Retroarch. I turned the checkmark for Standard Emulator for ColecoVison off and set the checkmark for Standard Emulator for Retroarch. Then when i'm in Launchbox and double click on a Game it still starts with MAME. I can choose Retroarch only in the Start with Section. This happens on every plattform i import. Is there anything i can do to change the plattform without importing it all over again? Thank you for your help.
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