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  1. Hello, for all mame games in my collection I want to use one single artwork for both horizontal and vertical screens. This saves a lot of harddisk space as by using individual artworks. So I created two sub-folders under artwork folder in the mame directory which contains the bezel png-files. One folder with the horizontal (bezel_hor) and a second with the vertical screen bezels (bezel_vert). In each folder there is a default.lay file with the parameters for loading the bezel files and the resolution. Now I want to tell mame how to load the correct artwork for each game. But to load an artwok for an specific game I have to create a sub-folder with the name of the zipped rom and put the layout file in there. Is it possible to create a simple layout file in the specific game sub-folder which only links to one of my layout files in my standard bezel folders and what exactly I have to write in this layout file? Thank you in advance, Condor-2-4-2
  2. Hello AeonSeaph, good to know that I'm not the only one with this issue. I hope the developers will notice that and fix the issue in one of the next updates. Best regards, Condor-2-4-2
  3. Hello, under "Beta Testing"-forum I asked about a strange behaviour in version v9.2 Beta 5 Premium: After the last update to the official version 9.2 there is the same issue as described above. For better understanding I took a screenshot with game details from "4x4 Off-Road Racing". As you can see on the right detail panel the order of the in-game screenshots is wrong. The second screen (title) should be at first, the third (game select) should be second and then all gameplay screens should follow (this is the order I defined in "options - screenshot priority"). A strange thing is, that the order changes randomly. If I select another game and than select, in this example "4x4", again, the screenshot order is different as before. And this happens for all games in the database. Has anyone noticed the same strange behaviour? Thanks for your reply.Best regards, Condor-2-4-2
  4. Hello, in the actual beta version of LaunchBox Premium v9.2 Beta 5 I noticed a strange "bug". The screenshot order in the detail list of most games (not for all) is wrong, even though the order under "options\screenshot priority" is set correctly. In my case the selected order is from top to bottom: title screen, game select screen, gameplay screens, game over screen, highscore screen. But, for example, the order of the game "1000 Miglia" (for which I have 1 title screen, 1 game select screen and 7 gameplay screens - also in total 9 screenshots) in the details view shows from top to bottom: 4 gameplay screens, 1 game select screen, 1 title screen and the last three gameplay screens. And the order is also different from game to game. All screenshots are as always in their correct folders and show the right content - I have checked this. Also the file names with the order numbers at the end are correct. Has anyone noticed the same strange behaviour in this beta version and can eventually help me to set the right order for the screenshots? Thanks for your reply. Best regards, Condor-2-4-2
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