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  1. Here you go, just NES and Game Boy for now, if your just testing it out. If it works, let us know.
  2. Yeah sure, which controller? All? Or just one?
  3. Here you go @Crush, the PS4 controller maps, I was in the middle of making the N64 map PS4_Controller.psd
  4. Hey, I just finished all of the XBONE controllers. All of the consoles I've missed, N64, Playstation etc. will be in the next post with all controllers.
  5. @oilertitanfan That's exactly what we need in Launchbox, instead of pressing a button to go back straight into BigBox or Launchbox, it just displays an overlay over the game that provides information and detail about the game your playing. @slimskinny I haven't had the chance to go through that script, but I will later on this afternoon. @dragon57 I am currently working on Xbox One controller maps.
  6. Thanks @Crush for your help, everything's running smoothly now. Here is the SEGA edition for the controller maps, both PS4 and X360. I might start making XBONE versions, if anyone is interested.
  7. @Crush Hey, that's very helpful, but I've been trying to load the image before the game loads. Which I have been successful on using .bat files like this: @ECHO OFF TITLE Launching FCEUX... ECHO Showing Controller Layout... START /wait "" "E:\Launchbox\Images\Controllers\PS4\Nintendo Entertainment System.png" ECHO Exiting Controller Layout ECHO Launching FCEUX... START "" "E:\Emulators\NESU\fceux.exe" %1 PAUSE But then I come to AHK and it's a nightmare, the emulator just starts freaking out whenever I run it, can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Joy1:: { IfWinExist, "ahk_exe i_view32.exe" WinClose, "ahk_exe i_view32.exe" return } ; This section closes FCEUX when pressing Escape Esc:: { WinClose, "ahk_exe fceux.exe" WinClose, "Launching FCEUX..." return }
  8. @Crush could you possibly show the code that you use for AHK, I always have a hard time dealing with it. Also, I have been working on X360 controller layouts, because a lot of people will probably prefer to use those over the DS4 ones I have made for myself.
  9. I'm still currently in the middle of making all of the images, but here's a couple more. I don't know if anyone would want the psd file of it, so they could create their own controller maps.
  10. Hello, longtime launchbox user, first time poster. I don't know if such a thing has already been implemented, but is it possible to show an image of the controller before launch of any game. I have been working on using .bat files to automate this process but it's been driving me nuts. If I use .bat files in place of the emulator, then AHK will target the .bat file instead of the emulator. I have included some of my controller layouts that I plan on using with my DS4. Before anybody asks, yes I do know about Additional Applications, but there is no bulk edit for Additional Apps, and I'm not going through 9000+ games.
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