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  1. Here you go, just NES and Game Boy for now, if your just testing it out. If it works, let us know.
  2. Here you go @Crush, the PS4 controller maps, I was in the middle of making the N64 map PS4_Controller.psd
  3. Hey, I just finished all of the XBONE controllers. All of the consoles I've missed, N64, Playstation etc. will be in the next post with all controllers.
  4. @oilertitanfan That's exactly what we need in Launchbox, instead of pressing a button to go back straight into BigBox or Launchbox, it just displays an overlay over the game that provides information and detail about the game your playing. @slimskinny I haven't had the chance to go through that script, but I will later on this afternoon. @dragon57 I am currently working on Xbox One controller maps.
  5. Thanks @Crush for your help, everything's running smoothly now. Here is the SEGA edition for the controller maps, both PS4 and X360. I might start making XBONE versions, if anyone is interested.
  6. @Crush Hey, that's very helpful, but I've been trying to load the image before the game loads. Which I have been successful on using .bat files like this: @ECHO OFF TITLE Launching FCEUX... ECHO Showing Controller Layout... START /wait "" "E:\Launchbox\Images\Controllers\PS4\Nintendo Entertainment System.png" ECHO Exiting Controller Layout ECHO Launching FCEUX... START "" "E:\Emulators\NESU\fceux.exe" %1 PAUSE But then I come to AHK and it's a nightmare, the emulator just starts freaking out whenever I run it, can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Joy1:: { IfWinExist, "ahk_exe i_view32.exe" WinClose, "ahk_exe i_view32.exe" return } ; This section closes FCEUX when pressing Escape Esc:: { WinClose, "ahk_exe fceux.exe" WinClose, "Launching FCEUX..." return }
  7. @Crush could you possibly show the code that you use for AHK, I always have a hard time dealing with it. Also, I have been working on X360 controller layouts, because a lot of people will probably prefer to use those over the DS4 ones I have made for myself.
  8. I'm still currently in the middle of making all of the images, but here's a couple more. I don't know if anyone would want the psd file of it, so they could create their own controller maps.
  9. Hello, longtime launchbox user, first time poster. I don't know if such a thing has already been implemented, but is it possible to show an image of the controller before launch of any game. I have been working on using .bat files to automate this process but it's been driving me nuts. If I use .bat files in place of the emulator, then AHK will target the .bat file instead of the emulator. I have included some of my controller layouts that I plan on using with my DS4. Before anybody asks, yes I do know about Additional Applications, but there is no bulk edit for Additional Apps, and I'm not going through 9000+ games.
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