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  1. Awesome picture! how did you do it? i just get black screen like hardeware acceleration is on
  2. Hey guys, quick question is there anyway to disable the hardware acceleration in launchbox? I want to capture both launchbox and big box but launchbox always shows up black on window capture (just like google chrome when hardware acceleration is on). I used to have an option to turn off hardware acceleration but atm i do not see it. If anyone can guide me to where it is, or how to capture it on OBS without using display capture it would be great appreciated! Big box is no problem/retroarch/ ect.. I just cant figure out how to capture base launchbox without display capture! HELP ME PLS!!
  3. I just meant for launchbox. When im adding new vids its rather tedious to hop in bigbox to test them as i add em.
  4. I agree this would be superb!! Sometimes the vids are really loud!!
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