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  1. Yes, I had disabled BB startup screens a while back because the loading screen would freeze onscreen while the game launched in the background. I played around with the min amount of time to show the shutdown screen, but that did not help either. After exiting the emulator, the game video plays for about 1/2 second and then everything freezes...only a single left-mouse click revives Big Box after the freeze.
  2. Hi, this may have been asked before, but my search did not reveal my specific issue. I have Big Box and Hyperspin set up on my Arcade PC. Both frontends use Rocketlauncher as the engine for launching games and for the most part, everything runs well. I will run one or the other depending on how I feel at that time; however, I would like to use BigBox a lot more because of its development over the past couple of years---it has come a long way! However, i noticed that BigBox has become heavier and heavier in terms of resource use to the point that it is a lot more resource intensive than Hyperspin. This is not an issue because I have a beast of a PC and lets face it, Big Box looks a whole lot better! My problem is that Big Box freezes upon exiting various emulators. It freezes to the point that even the game video stops playing like it is paused. There is no response to the controllers or keyboard when this happens; however, moving the mouse seems to unlock the freeze and restores Big Box functionality. I am sure there is a setting somewhere that I am missing and Big Box never freezes at any other point. It is not a major problem but it is quite annoying when everything is frozen after exiting a game and returning to Big Box. Could anybody chime in on this issue? FWIW, I do not have this problem with Hyperspin and both frontends go through the exact same Rocketlauncher setup.
  3. Hello and Happy 4th to those that celebrate it! I am having what seems to be a rather minor problem...When I start LB/BB, LED blinky runs as it should. However, when I quit LB or BB, it does not shut down LED blinky. Is this a bug, or am I the only one? Is there a section where a script/ program can be executed upon shutdown? Thanks! PS> I am running LB through Rocketlauncher for all of my systems. I have Hyperspin as the default emulator in RL...could this be the reason? LB/BB seem to work with no other issues this way.
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