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  1. But I just explained your solution doesn't work? lol I'm not arguing. I'm explaining as simply as I can. Are you avoiding certain things I explained? Even adding TGCD and pointing to the same core under associated platforms doesn't work unless that command parameter is checked. It won't unless I make a new LB install which is what I did earlier as an example. It's exactly listed the same, imported as TG CD but only shows as TG 16 in Associated platforms and yet it works. How can it work in one LB folder and not another despite using same import platform and core? I also explained it worked fine previously. Then stopped. Nothing ever changed and no the solution didn't make it work. Once it loses it's ability to path to the core/emulator. It will never again work without that command parameter unless I do a new LB install folder. That happened before with C64 and before that with Gameboy and another platform. I have the threads history that proves it. I already found the solution that worked. hence the thread. I was just trying to help it get sorted to prevent it from losing it's ability to see the path. I get what you explained but you're not understanding that if it were the case, then it wouldn't have worked previously. All I do with it is import roms into a platform and play the games. They work then one day they won't launch and it appears random despite what information it shows. You may find me doubtful but you realize I made the thread finding my own solution and was just trying to get it sorted. I get that TG CD wasn't listed, adding doesn't effect it either. You mentioned LB doesn't know what platform goes to what core to which I then pointed out that if I import a platform and point it to a core then LB knows what platform it is. But manually adding it to the associated platforms didn't work but the command line does. I apologize for trying to help out in the community in case someone else has this issue. I found the solution that worked so if/when it happens to another platform, I'll just add that command but working around what I'm explaining doesn't make it go away.
  2. If so then none of them would ever work? If LB plays ROM files for all imported platforms on day 1 and a some other day one or two of the platforms doesn't. What is that requiring of me to do?
  3. But if you import it as TG CD, then it should know that it's for that CD platform. shouldn't it list itself under associated platforms? I just tested with a separate LB folder and found it does not even though it says TG CD platform under the edit game details menu. It created a new TG CD platform in my platform category. It scrapes all the media as CD...then how could it not know? Why would it launch after I import but at some seemingly random point, it won't? But as in my previous thread. I had Commodore 64 in it and worked great for a while. Maybe 1 or 2 months later it stopped launching. That one is always shown in associated platforms list. See if it does the same for you. Create a new platform, select NEC TG-CD for Retroarch and for me everywhere else it lists as TG CD except for the associated platforms list. All LB has to do is create a new title under that list. However for me, just making one didn't change anything. I still had to use the command line. *Edit: Here's a pic of what I mean. This is from my test folder with just LB only installed in it and I created a new import. In one menu it shows the CD platform from which I imported it as. In associated list, it only shows the TG 16....why couldn't it create a CD version there as well? But either way, that alone didn't seem to be the source of what causes my issue with a random platform stop launching. *second edit: I just now noticed that Commodore 64 isn't listed by default. So importing C64, it must create one in associated platforms list then because it's shown on my regular LB install where I imported it. So does TG CD show up on your list if you import that platform? Because it's not for me.
  4. Then why did it work before? Same with previous times with C64, Gameboy and SMS. They would work fine then at some point stop. Didn't matter if I re-imported everything or not. I feel like I'm just repeating myself beating a dead horse. I can change it to say CD. Doesn't make it work when I uncheck the command parameter though.
  5. That core is for both 16 and CD. That's the only core for NEC I have and it works perfectly in Retroarch itself. But that doesn't solve why a platform will work perfectly fine and then suddenly stop. Otherwise it would never work to begin with.
  6. I can but I added that custom parameter to all the roms effected since then so it's not in the exact same state that the issue occurred. Does that matter? This is the other thread I found where a user seemed to have a similar issue to the one I keep having and there's a post there mentioning the command parameter which worked for me:
  7. I made a quick video for illustration. https://streamable.com/vfk61
  8. I'm posting this here hoping someone can take this (rare but common for me) issue to the author to get fixed because it's definitely an LB only issue. Issue: All ROMS under a platform will suddenly stop launching Retroarch for no reason even though it worked fine when last used. Re-assigning everything does not work. Delete platform then Re-importing does not work. Solution: Edit emulator details tab. Check "use custom command line parameters" Type: -L "cores\****" (where **** is the name of the libretro core Cause: I believe that something to do with the Associated Platforms stops working. Even though everything is properly assigned. Even re-assigned, it forever stops working unless you reinstall LaunchBox and start all over. However this problem eventually re-occurs with some other platform. My previous thread about the issue: After that last thread where C64 Platform stopped launching retroarch. I was told no one else has this issue. So I took the drastic approach and reinstalled Windows and Launchbox. Just as I knew would happen, the issue occurred again but this time it was for the TG 16 CD platform. (it's always a random one) But I googled and found someone else did post the same issue, just worded it differently so I'm not crazy and it's the problem definitely isn't something I'm doing as everyone tells me it is. So I solved it by selecting "use custom Parameters" under the edit emulation menu and put this into it. -L "cores\mednafen_pce_fast_libretro.dll" So even though this core is selected under Associated Platforms, it stops working for no reason and is not fixable without rei-installing LB. So the big question. Why would ROMS for a platform work fine one minute, then never again the next without any changes ever being made? It has to be a bug in the code where the core listed is no longer working in LB despite re-assigning it. But the command parameter bypasses it. So despite what anyone thinks, I really think the author should look into it or at least offer that command parameter to be selected rather than manually typing it in because I had no idea what -L means until I googled around and came across that parameter to type in. So mods can move this wherever but I just wanted the author to look into it because it's a weird issue even if it's rare for everyone else but me.
  9. Everything seems to work normal. Dell has their own hardware diagnostic software which also updates drivers and it checked fine last I used it. But the C64 roms suddenly not launching also happened on my previous laptop, Lenovo Yoga. With the videos not playing issue, they do play in Big Box...so that's something. It shows that the issue doesn't affect BB mode but only Desktop mode. That just about has to be something with LB or how it interacts with VLC and WMP media players.
  10. Yes it shows, as you can see in one of my posted screenshots. You can see the video path is correct and the video file is there. In fact it plays fine in Big Box mode. But not at all in desktop mode, so yes it can't find the file in that mode. I don't know how LB is different between the 2 modes code wise...just like it suddenly could not find my emulator core to launch C64 games. Again these seem too similar, some kind of bug occurs that causes LB to lose it's link even though it's set or re-assigned, that link is permanently broken after that. It's what I've been trying to say, now whether LB updating itself is somehow causing it, I'm not sure since I didn't pay enough attention at the exact moment but I only noticed all of these kinds of issues at some point soon after LB updates itself. Again I don't play all that often so it's not unusual for me to play a few times then not again for 2 months only to find LB wants to update.
  11. It's installed at C:\Games\Launchbox. Roms were set to move to LB's Game folder. I keep a copy of that folder on an external HD in case anything happens. Although I've had this video not playing issues before on a number of roms, I could mess with them individually to get them working again, usually re-assign folder, switch to WMP and back or a few things like that. This is actually the first time that no video plays and nothing I do helps it and more than that, it happened immediately after I just reinstalled LB. Even though my previous install had the issue of C64 games suddenly not playing, at least the videos did play....so what could have happened there?. However they play fine in Big Box mode...so I'm pretty sure this is some kind of bug and maybe it's related to how Windows OS or the media players function. VLC is the latest version and installed somewhat recently. I'm going to try reinstalling VLC. *edit: I reinstalled VLC, videos still don't play in desktop mode.
  12. same options set there too. Though after toying with Big screen mode. I could probably get used to that.
  13. do you mean the view details? The game detail pain to the right only has 3 options. Favorite icon, Edit and Close. Videos always used to play fine by default right after I would download media. I've always used these same settings.
  14. Well right now after a new install of LB and just after importing arcade games, my videos will not play. However they will play if I use Big Box mode. But I don't prefer that mode. So here is a screenshot showing that my video's are properly linked and another shot that shows the video is not playing. I have the options set to VLC (also tried Windows media player but no luck) and set to auto play videos. So since this is my current annoying issue, we'll just start with that. I originally wanted to make a video showing me re-assigning Retroarch in the bulk editor and not launching but found I had no way to do that. So as you can see below, it's linked to video, but doesn't play. It's kinda similar to how C64 suddenly wouldn't play any of it's associated games. Whatever the source is, may be the same but there's nothing outside of LB that is interacting with it except me. Here you can see the screenshot shows, but no video like it usually does. It's linked directly to the file. setting. I already tried WMP but it didn't make it work either. But again plays fine in Big Box mode, so clearly this is an LB only issue. Also "autoplay videos" is set to on. iF you need any more pics, let me know.
  15. If that was the case, then doesn't it seem likely that no other game for my other platforms would launch either? So since I use very few 3rd party apps that are popular, then that means one of those or the Windows 10 OS that many people also have, would have to wait a few weeks and at some random point, remove a file that only causes C64 games not to launch? Or in previous cases, cause TG 16 and Gameboy roms to not launch? However as I stated, this has happened several times since last year when I first posted the issue. I had a completely different laptop. Different drivers. An older version of Windows 10 than what I have now and only a limited few 3rd party apps that I mentioned previously. I didn't even have a 3rd party antivirus until recently. So the only application that can quarantine a file by default is Windows Defender. So if your Defender doesn't remove LB files then why would mine? HOwever it doesn't show anything ever being quarantined. If WD ever removes a file, a pop up box will display asking me what to do with the file. THis has never happened, I don't do too much with my laptop. It doesn't make sense for any software to wait a few weeks then remove a super specific file for a 3rd party program like Launchbox. But since I have the same OS and very popular 3rd party software that everyone else has, then I would not be the only one.
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