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  1. Thanks, the video help me solve the problem and now is working fine.
  2. No. I tried restarting launchbox but that didnt solve the problem.
  3. Im not from usa son my english is not great. So i download the Snes9x has the recommeded snes emulator, i tried adding it like all the other emulators i have, but it dosent appear. I click add, then i go to Emulator Application Path to add it, but i go to the folder in my pc that has the emulator and it dosent appear. This is the first time this happen, i have been able to add emulator for game boy, nintendo 64, nes, etc, with no problem at all. I would like some help with this please. Also if i just go to the emulator in my pc and open it, it works fine and all the games run, so the emulator
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