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  1. Yea I thought most likely I would still need the .bin files in same folder, it just seemed to not be able to recognize the games if they were in their own seperate folders, which it did initially But what you're saying makes sense, I believe after I renamed the platform & tried to chnage the folder is when things got screwed up. I started right clicking each game in the PS1 list & manually selecting the game's subfolder. That seems to work, but very tedious. Next time I guess I'll copy all files together in 1 folder if I have any problemsin future. Thanks
  2. I meant 2 months later as in after I spent 2 months setting up 1000's of games, organizing all their details correct & getting the missing artwork for, not 2 months with no help on here. I didn't really test any of the platforms until after I organized everything And I really have no idea what you mean as far as "skirting around" AFAIK I answered everything I was asked of & took screenshots you asked me to as well. It just seemed like I was given a couple suggestions here & there , but no follow ups It just got incredibly frustrating after spending all that time I did setting everything up, all excited to finally get everything up & running, then for weeks not be able to play the majority of those games. I thought the forums were pretty much considered the official support for Launchbox , but OK, forgive me, it appears I'm wrong. You should understand then how under that impression things greatly stressed me out getting nowhere with my issues on here until now. You did try to help me at one point & I do appreciate that, and I totally understand you have alot more going on in life then trying to walk someone through problems with video game emulation
  3. ....I wanna let it be known that I really do appreciate the help though. I’ve been losing my mind over this the past couple weeks & now thanks to you I’m finally beginning to get somewhere
  4. Lol well IDK about “entitled” , but when I purchase software, I can’t help but to have a little expectation that if I’m having trouble using the main purpose of it that there’d be some method of support . I assumed this forum with all its “troubleshooting” & “noobs” sections was part of that so forgive me if I was wrong, but I’d hope I still have an avenue when future problems arise, especially if I’m going to wind up paying $75
  5. Ok I will try that for the cores, hopefully it works out, but as far as editing the platform folders to the right path I have done that already & no luck on recognizing PS1 games still.
  6. Wellll IDK how it did, but anyways, this damn pandemic is a stressful a-- time for everyone & I decided to spend most of my free time stuck home getting more platforms & games set up in LB to get my mind off of things...only 2 months later to not be able to play more than half those games & get no significant support...then I go to ask help on Reddit to find my post was ghosted? I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but you can't blame me for being a little letdown about it all
  7. OMGGG! turns out that indeed was the issue for SOME of them. I renamed some platforms (NEC Turbografx-16 to Turbografx-16 , etc) & once I got int the associated platform list & renamed them to match there, all of a sudden a few worked & I was able to load games. There's a few that aren't working still that both platform names match on, and each one says it's missing the core file, even though I'm positive the cores were installed in Retroarch itself. Possible I changed cores on 1 platform or 2 & it never updated in Launchbox? Don't think that's the case for all that say it's missing, but just a guess. Another thing is it swears my PS1 games aren't in the folder I set, but they are. Anytime I try to rescan it tells me there is nothing in the folder. All PS1 games/files are in individual subfolders & it seemed to recognize them when I first installed them from the main folder, but now it doesn't. Anyways I went ahead & copied just the .cue files to the main folder & still no luck. Can't get any PS1 games to start, but last I tried in Retroarch by itself they all did And I still can't play ANY MAME games anymore whatsoever, just a black screen for a second & nothing happens. Retroarch isn't even set for my arcade games, MAME standalone is. Well jeeez THANK YOU for the suggestion, 2 weeks or so later looks like I FINALLY can get SOME of my games to start playing, at least I'm making SOME progress.
  8. Yes, with no problem at all. They ALL start up just fine that way
  9. Yes I have & as straightforward as everything does seem, the issue is not fixed. On my end, It shows Retroarch listed for all of the associated platforms yet nothing
  10. As if no one is able to click on my name & pull up previous posts?? lol I was told not to post about issues twice on here & to just reply to my OP (which I eventually did & it still got me nowhere)
  11. [Edited this OP, don't know how or why this happened, but it really set me off & I have since calmed down a bit after I was told it was restored & I FINALLY got some help on here thanks to DOS76's advice to get MOST of my issues with Retroarch resolved that I've been asking about here for weeks. You are the man!]
  12. Well up until a couple months ago I've mainly used Launchbox for MAME & never had any major issues as far as I remember, going back 4 years or more....So I decide to set up a ton of other platforms through Retroarch I see everyone recommending & here I am a week or 2 later with not a single one working & having to play them through Retroarch itself. Just don't get what I'm doing wrong, I never set MAME to use it, yet that no longer works either. I'm no expert, but guessing something got corrupted?? TBH no telling how long MAME has been down in LB for me, don't think I've played anything in it since a couple weeks back
  13. Well haven't heard back from you so was wondering if you got a chance to look at the pics you asked for & if it may or may not have helped anything....Also to top everything off I have a brand new issue that started today: All MAME games no longer work, the one platform I've used for years in LB & could always count on until now 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ It's got to be where I barely have any functional platforms left, would be kinda nice to actually be able to play games through Launchbox lol
  14. Sorry, yea the link in your other comment was about issues with 2 emulators other than Retroarch, but I later did post about the Retroarch issue a couple days ago. There was no repsonse & I'm just really stressed that I spent all this time & can't play over half my games....especially with the controller just coming in, I'm so anxious to get everything going
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