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  1. Thanks alot & so sorry for such a late reply...Alot of crazy life stuff happening lately, I've been spending virtually no time on emulation or video games in general...Will def try this soon & let you know how it goes!
  2. Don't think I've tried the pause menu in Launchbox, how do you bring that up? Worth a shot it I can figure out I guess, but still don't understand why RetroArch keeps screwing things up for me, be nice to have the controls I set stay permanently once & for all
  3. I've set the save state keys for R2 + Select & the load state for L2 + select on my gamepad. This was working fine for a month or so, now all of a sudden I'm experiencing another issue like I did earlier this year. Anytime I try to save a game using the key bind I set, I see a play/pause icon on the top right corner of the screen + popups on the bottom left that say "Waiting for client" "You have joined as player 1" & "null". Seems like it decided to map the controls I set for online play or something for whatever reason?? Earlier this year, something similar happened: After a few m
  4. Ahh I only had the Japanese bios file & didn't realize it. Well not that it really matters it looks like, cuz apparently my laptop is too much of a P.O.S. to run 25-27 year old games from this console. Every game has choppy audio/video to varying degrees. Don't know if there's any settings I can tweak, but wouldn't get my hopes up. It seems to run the few PS1 games I've tried so far, but can't run PS2, Naomi..I wouldn't be suprised
  5. Anybody successful with this? I wanted to try a few games in their library out, D/Led them from archive.org , added them to LB, set Retroarch as emu & installed the Saturn Beetle core. When setting the defualt emu in LB, Saturn Beetle didn't show up in the drop down list, but Medafen Saturn did, which I rememeber reading that one was based on, so I chose that. Clicking on the games did nothing. No error message. Nothing happened at all I then went & started Retroarch by itself with the Saturn Beetle core & games still wouldn't load. Got a quick error message about n
  6. IDK what happened, but all of a sudden now any time I try to set a save state or load state within a game running in Retorarch, whether it's NES,Genesis, whatever...The screen dissapears then reappears frozen, with only the top quarter of it showing, with these play,pause, fast forward & sound off icons showing. NO idea what's going on here, but IDK this helps I noticed all games were muted the other day, but went into audio settings & turned volume back on. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. Usually I have select + L1 on my gamepad set to LOAD STATE & select + R1 bo
  7. I just set that command line for Tetris under edit game/emulator, but when I launched the game it seemed all my CDi controls I configured were wiped out again. Not sure if it was due to entering that custom command line for Tetris, but at least for now after reconfiguring, I can tell all games have the same controls with Tetris being the exception. Just hope reconfiguring over & over isn't going to be a constant thing, I've had similar problems using the other MAME for arcade in the past as well, seems every now & then it just loses everything I set & I have to redo it all For
  8. I've always set the save state to the S key on my keyboard & the load state to the L key...& also to the left & right trigger buttons of my gamepad for load state/save state. I use a seperate MAME version for arcade games & that has always worked fine. I set the same keys for this one I'm using just for CDi & it does not work, but gives me that message in screenshot I posted. I noticed the default was SHIFT + F7 though The MAME I'm using for arcade lets you hit TAB & set custom controls for whatever specific game you're playing too, but this one with CDi dosn't see
  9. Well looks like we've finally solved this. I just deleted that from the emulator command line paramaters, but kept it in the associated platforms. It was in both. That still didn't get my games to start at first, another command prompt window with a bunch of text popped up that was so fast I couldn't make out what it said.....until I tried Hotel Mario which loaded right up. Then I realized that one worked because I changed the text in the launch field to software\cdi\hotmario.zip like you said. I went around & did that to other games, changing it to say .zip & they worked too. Thi
  10. I've tried all sorts of combinations too & still got the error (space after cdimono, no space, with the keyboard command, without, cdrm, cdrom....)
  11. I followed all those steps 100%, checked again & there were no other versions of MAME set anywhere in CDi settings & still no luck. "Error:Unknown Option" is what I get Hotel Mario & Tetris, both games I tried w the command prompt did seem to launch & play fine
  12. Yes, games seem to start fine with the command in command prompt Yes, the list of 459 CDi games shows, double clicking Hotel Mario or any game I have shows errors, I'll upload a screenshot of that one & Tetris..which BTW seems MAME wont even let me take a screenshot with the usual FN + Backspace combo, kept showing a black screen as the image so I wound up using my phn to take a pic ..ughhhhh The "unknown option" error was what LB showed, but now trying to start a game in LB shows an empty command prompt window for half a second before it closes & yes ini path looks exac
  13. mame.ini is just in the ini folder Don't see a cdimono1.ini at all, in any folder, I even searched for the file. Closest I found was a cdimono1.cfg file in the cfg folder. I went in the mame.ini file & noticed the rompath listed the software folder , but not the software\cdi where the roms are. I changed it to that thinking that was probably the issue, but no. Get a "error unknown option" message when trying to start a game in Launchbox
  14. Ahhh, knew there was an easier way, but I wound up just scrolling through the list of games on MAME , writing down the file names then naming the folders that....but... I have bigger problems now. I was unable to get the CD-i to play from within Launchbox at all even though I set up the correct MAME as the default emulator. Loading the games from MAME itself wouldn't even work, kept telling me files were missing. That command line method is the only way I can play these games so far...and also the joystick configs I set never seem to save
  15. Ahhh that makes total sense, I didn't put much thought into that lol I've been using MAME for like 16 years, but this is 1st time ever trying it with something other than arcade games. Maybe MESS did it similar, I have used that but AGES ago, so don't rememeber
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