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  1. Hello I have spent a huge amount of time the past month or 2 adding & organizing more consoles/games in Launchbox & I am finally finishing up. Just one major problem though: I'm unable to play half of them! 😁 Up until now I've mainly tested the systems in Retroarch itself, not playing games much, but trying to get everything ready first....also need a decent game controller which I have coming soon, I have an arcade stick I've been using in LB with MAME for the past few years, but it's just not ideal for much else Anyways most platforms I set up with other emulators seem to work, but every single one I set as Retroarch doesn't. (PS1/N64/TG-16/2600/SNES/PC-88) Any time I right click & hit play or double click a game in those nothing happens. I just tested all of them again in Retroarch itself & they do load that way. Another thing to mention is I set Kat5200 as the 5200 emulator. It launches games fine on it's own, but when I click a 5200 game within LB, it just brings up some command line type window with a cursor blinking as if I'm supposed to type something? Not the regular UI I see when using Kat5200 by itself Would really appreciate some help, sure there has to be some settings I'm overlooking
  2. Hmmm I'm eventually planning to add some more Famicom games & I will try that. Thanks. I couldn't get the Super Pitfall:30th Anniversary hack (USA) to install either & guess that might be the same case
  3. I actually JUST figured that out a couple minutes ago. It isn't a straightforward way to do things, highlighting all games and then going to to the tools menu instead of just right clicking, but I noticed that "Change Rom Path" in there & gave it a shot. Seems to work so far & I can still keep all the custom images & data I set. Wanna apologize to everyone if I might have been coming across as overdramatic, but I've honestly spent a HUGE portion of this pandemic setting up consoles & games for Launchobox to pass the time &, have just been scared at the thought of wasting all that effort haha Yea, it doesn't make sense to me either, but that's exactly when it happened. LB won't let me import Famicom roms from my NES folder even though my emulator (Nestopia) plays both regions. I wanted to try the Japanese version of Bayou Billy (titled Mad CIty) since I've heard it's much easier than the brutal US one. So I imported the file under the Famicom platform, played it, then went back to my NES & immediately after no games were playable. Went to TG16 & same thing, but other platforms still worked I have tried both add folder & files with TG16 now & none made a difference, it's only recognizing 8 games. I generally try to use add folder first
  4. RIght clicking individual games & going to edit shows an old folder name that I deleted a while ago, yet right clicking the platform & going to the folders menu shows the correct. The games have always worked fine within the emulators themself, just not in LB Just local build, playing games at home on 1 device : my laptop. No sharing or anything else like that The same steps I've been using for the 3-4 years I've had LB that have always seemed to work. The import roms/choose platform/choose emulator. And it originally worked for my NES/TG-16 games until now. This seemed to all happen when I imported a Famicom rom, looks like just adding that one game screwed everything up somehow I've mainly used it for MAME up until the past few months, but due to the quarantine decided to step it up & add alot more...
  5. Posted about this a few days ago & no one responded so trying again Any NES or TurboGrafx game I try to play within LB now brings up a "The rom file you specified does not exist" message. After my original post I went back, tried right clicking the platform name & reset the folder for the the NES games. That seemed to work for a day or 2, now all of a sudden I get the error again no matter what game I select...even though it is showing the correct folder for the roms. I went so far as making another platform name for TG-16 just now to try reimporting those...Well for some strange reason now it insists on only installing EIGHT out of the 45 or so .PCE files in the folder, when before all showed in LB menu. So instead of not being able to play any TG-16 games, I'm able to play only 8 out of 45. This has been getting SO frustating & I've spent an incredible amount of time organizing everything for multiple consoles, searching around for the massive amount of artwork missing that the scraper didn't pick up, adding missing game details & customizing thing.... I do not want to have to do this all over again after reimporting roms for these 2 consoles & God knows how many more platforms I'm going to wind up having the same problem with further down the road... If someone can please offer some advice, I'd really like to be able to launch games again
  6. Pretty time consuming to do that to hundreds of games one by one. I guess no one has a real solution to this because I posted about this same issue the other day & got crickets on here. And I still can't load any of my NES or TG16 games in LB. Didn't even change directories, I just imported ONE Famicom rom & apparently that screwed everything up somehow
  7. I imported 1 Famicom rom because for some reason, Launchbox doesn't recognize them when I try to add them as NES (Which is not an issue within the emulator itself)....and after this I can no longer play any game in LB in my NES list OR Turbografx either without getting the same message I just don't get it, if someone can please help me with this I'd appreciate it
  8. Hey thanks alot! I was able to pull around 50 logos I still needed from that pack. That leaves me with like 70 or so I still need now, and currently about to go through an Amiga pack & some others since alot of the games I still need were on the Amiga other platforms Yeaa aside from briefly having a Tandy Color Computer 3 when I was a kid, I never got to experience any computer gaming rly until the mid 90's on PC. So all this is like a new world to me now & a good way for me to kill the boredom. The Amiga always seemed interesting too & I plan to get into it as well sometime in the future. I chose the ST first because I had an Atari 7800 & have strong nostalgia for that console..I was never really aware of the ST at the time & it's cool to see all these games I didn't know about that were out during the same era...& it turns out quite a few Atari arcade titles I used to dream would get a released for my 7800 actually did on the ST The Atari 8-bit line never really interested me though...and I recall seeing a TV commercial for the XE at the same time the 7800 was current too that didn't impress me. Meanwhile the much better ST was out as well & I had no idea
  9. Might there be any pack out there, with at least some of them? I have just started to get into the ST & it's games during this lockdown & installed a little over 100 roms. I wound up spending a TON of time searching around to find missing box art & floppy scans that Launchbox didn't add, and even then there were still quite a few a couldn't find anywhere. Clear logos, like I suspected are a different story. There were barely any that showed up on the wheel in Big Box. I know the ST defintely isn't the most popular system emulated, but would anyone possibly know of a source to find a few more? Alot of the titles seemed to be on Amiga, C64 & other consoles, so sure I could find SOME that way at least....
  10. Using Nestopia emulator on it's own loads everything with no problem, but seems on LB it only adds official NES cart roms & skips Famicom games or hacks Something I'm doing wrong in the settings maybe??
  11. Would like to try this but I don't see any "visuals" under options/
  12. I copied them all in that folder & still can't load any games
  13. Been trying some emulators for more systems lately due to the quarantine. So far I've tried TurboEngine & Retroarch to use them within LB With TurboEngine, trying to play a PC Engine CD-Rom game in fullscreen crashes with a "error switching to full screen mode" message. Also, it seems to never save the bios location & every time I reopen the emulator it's missing from the field & I have to set it again On Retroarch, trying to play a PC Engine CD-ROm game also crashes, and I cannot figure out where or how to set a bios file in the first place Would appreciate any help on this & thanks in advance
  14. I followed all steps in this link.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPWtIzYwU2k ...and can get it to load a game, but I cannot get past the title screen because once it comes up, the mouse no longer works. I'm able to move the pointer in the emulator itself, but as soon as a game starts, nothing happens. Tried plugging in my arcade stick in USB port & switched settings to joystick but doesn't seem to recognize anything on that at all Any help would be appreciated. I know this is probably a niche system too, and I've actually never played one myself but would like to see what I missed out on
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