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  1. Daleb100

    Polycade Clone Arcade Plus Bigbox

    Looks like a great theme. Let me know how and when (email?) And I can send some build pics.
  2. Daleb100

    Polycade Clone Arcade Plus Bigbox

    No I dont, just made it up as i went along but happy to share more pics measurements lessons learned any thing at all.
  3. Built a box just for classic arcade games from the 70s and 80s. Added a spinner and trackball for missile command centipede etc. Would love to hear ideas for a good theme for a very limited set of games, all under arcade.
  4. I ended up downloading winpatrol. Added a 30 sec. Delay and it works like a champ. Just downloaded the free version from cnet. Thanks for the insight. I didnt know start up sequence was the issue and certainly didnt know adding a delay was an option. I think that was the last tweak (at least for now) for my arcade. I initially built a cabinet for a retro pie set up. Found I was always tweaking. Found big box, tore apart an older laptop (just using mb and ssd), now I feel like I have a stable, easy to use arcade. Usinng xarcade buttons and sticks for mame games and xbox wireless controllers for consoles. Thanks again. Great product, great support forum
  5. Hey Supreme. Did you solve the delay issue? I am having the same problem when I boot to BigBox. I have to alt tab for it to recognize input.