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  1. You do not have to install those games via Launchbox... Let me explain. In my case, I didn't need the whole list of games so I created a batch file .bat to extract only the games I wanted from Exodos. In this case I realized the MS-DOS.xml plattform contained a list of favorites so I took those names and only moved the corresponding roms (.zip) to my Launchbox folder. You could do the same just by picking up those game you want manually. The rest of the installation I just followed the steps on the Exodos manual. Renember that you need the files contained in "!dos" folder inside games in order to be able to install the games and execute them from within Launchbox. Those contain the dosbox.config for every game and a .bat file to execute them. If you only want to install a handfull of them you have to be sure picking up the right folder in "!dos" corresponding the game. For example, the right folder to execute the game contained in Destruction Derby 2 (1996).zip is called "DeDerby2". Having that and the MS-DOS.xml from exodos should work. The games are preconfigured, you do not need actually to install them, unzipping them works. The manual is pretty clear on how to merge Exodos into another installation I would double checked it in case you missed something. Good luck!
  2. Does someone know how to use/configurate another DOSbox version with Exodus package? I really would like to use the DOSbox SVN Daum with its shaders. I have tested some games, by installing them via Launchbox "install dos game" but most of them won't launch. Quake does it work btw.
  3. Thanks! It worked perfectly. Problem solved.
  4. Yes, Windows 10 and MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner. Deactivating them seemed to do the trick... Now Launchbox starts! Thanks a lot! Is there any chance of running this programs while running launchbox at the same time?
  5. Hi, My Launchbox is not starting anymore, I see the loading screen, the progress of loading different things and then when the interface should show up nothing happens. This is a recurrent problem that has occurred almost with every update as I renember. I am able to fix it every time, searching for solutions in this forum but this time I gave up, nothing seems to work. I have attached the last logs here. I hope we can find a solution together. Debug 2019-05-28 10-09-13 AM.log
  6. Thanks! It is nice to be part of the Launchbox community 😉 Yes, I have tried what you said already, but it didn´t help. I think I have figured it out now. There was several XML files with weird names, something like SONYP2~1.xml in the data/platforms folder which somehow after its deletion did the trick. Now the Sony Platform 2 is gone and I was able to re-import my games properly with their correct extensions .gz. I realize that this was happening on other platforms as well, the file NINTEN~4.xml was hindering launchbox to save changes on the Nintendo Gamecube platform for example. Thanks to @sundogak as well for your comment, that is exactly what happened. I will try to purge the temp folder as well the next time it happens and see if that helps as well. I do not know why but I think this could be related to not having a fresh install of Launchbox, I have been updating since version 7 if I remember right.
  7. Hi, I am experiencing this really strange behavior of Launchbox. Every time I delete or make any changes in the Sony Playstation 2 platform the changes are not saved, when I start LB again the platform still there. My goal is actually to change the extension of the rom files, which were ISOs and now they are compressed files .GZ. I tried to change the extension manually in the platform XML file but, the same happens here, the old XML comes back and all the extensions are ISOs again. Deleting and importing the rom files again doen not help. I tried everything I can think of, even if I only remove a game, this game will be back next time I start LB. I also deleted all the XML files that include the name Sony Playstation 2 in my system. I almost feel like this is some kind of spooky interaction... hehehe. I also tried deleting the ListCache.xml, it didn´t help. Has someone experienced this kind of problem?
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