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  1. Ok. Good to know. Say I copied the default theme folder and renamed it etc. Do you know the syntax I can add to the .xaml to specify a font? Just thought it would be a smidgen cooler if it had a digital or arcade style font.
  2. Is there a way to change the Startup/Game Over screen fonts? I tried editing the Defult.xaml and Default Shutdown.xaml files in the StartupThemes folder with poor results. Anyway, I'd like to use a custom font for Loading... and Game Over if possible. Thanks!
  3. Anyone know how to set the Screen Vert Stretch for all games in MAME? I don't see it in the .ini and don't know the syntax to add it. I can adjust it per game in the OSD, which saves the setting to games .cfg file., but I'd like to have this setting applied to all games. Horizontal ones at least. My mame doesn't have a horizontal.ini. Is there a list somewhere of everything that can be in a MAME.ini? I looked but can't find one.
  4. I certainly would. Guess I just stick to using Clrmamepro.
  5. You mean the DB's are not based off any kind of authority or reference like redump, trurip, nointro, or mame -listxml? Are they essentially just crowed sourced?
  6. Is there any way to see the total number of titles in the LaunchBox database? I'd like to understand how complete my collections are. The online database doesn't show totals and the audit feature in LB just scrutinizes the roms that are present. I tried synchronizing my collection with the cloud in LB, but still it just shows what's in my LB already. I'd really know to know what I have compared to what is known/documented in the LB database. Side note, is it just a coincidence that there are exactly 3000 arcade games? That's the number it shows at the bottom of my LB for my Arcade platform.
  7. Bam!!! Son of a gun! There we go. Thanks!
  8. Yes, I want it to appear on Monitor 1, the monitor I have set as Main Monitor in the Windows display settings. This is the monitor my emulators display on. I have done all sorts of things to try to fenagle it onto monitor 1, like disabling/re-enabling monitors in different orders, rebooting in between, etc.. Only when I disable monitor 2 and 3, it appears on 1, but then when I re-enable 2, 3 or both, it won't appear on 1. Really wish there was a control for this. I know I can just disable startup screens, but I like them, they are nice.
  9. Thanks! Didn't see that blank field at the bottom, less know it was editable. Added it, its not in alphabetic order. Oh well.
  10. I have triple monitor set up and it doesn't want to appear on the main monitor, monitor number 1. Is there a place I can tell it what monitor to use?
  11. Trying to get Dreamcast working with RetroArch, but when I go to Manage Emulators, Dreamcast is not one of the Associated Platforms in RetroArch. I imported the roms designating RetroArch as the emulator. How do I get Sega Dreamcast to appear as an Associated Platform?
  12. Thank you @Retro808. This is perfect! Actually better than adjusting it globaly since each PC games takes different times to load.
  13. Any thoughts on this? Rather than disabling them, I am now more inclined to extend the time the Startup Screen is shown for Windows games given they generally take longer to start than a rom. But that brings us back to the original issue. Since Windows games are not associated with an emulator and managing emulators is where you make adjustments to Startup screens, I am stuck again.
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