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  1. thomsi

    Film Scraping

    There used to be a third party script that allowed you to scrape movie information into launchbox. This no longer seems to work. What is the best way to add movies and scrape the information from the internet. I use Ember media manager to scrape info for the likes of Plex and Kodi. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. thomsi


    Thanks for that will give it a try. Have been using comicrack to do the same thing.
  3. thomsi


    Hi, they are in a pdf format. The comics I am adding will be in .cbz or .cbr format. I will contact @Jason Carrabout this. Many thanks for your advice.
  4. thomsi


    Hi, I know that it is usually games that people add, but I have also just added Retro Gamer Magazine to launchbox and was wondering if people would like the front cover image's for the copies I have done. If so how would I add a new platform i.e Magazines and then a sub catagory for retro gamer. Thanks Thomsi
  5. Well seems like with the new update I can actually do what I wanted by using the new nesting feature.
  6. Hi what I am looking at doing is creating a platform for Movies but what I would like is when I select Movies I would then see a genres list like comedy, horror, action etc, etc. and then within these genres would be the movie names. Is this possible and if so could someone point me in the right direction please on how to set this up. I would also like to do this with some games and a music folder. Edit: I know there is a genre list in the pull down menu, but I would like to do this on a individual platform bases, so i go into movies and it shows a list of genres or i go into music a
  7. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if you can use logo's created for hyperspin. Can I just drop them in as a clear logo. Also has anybody done a video on how to create clear logos from start to finish. What is the best way to start. I'm looking at doing my own for the BBC Micro. The reason is this was my very first computer and it seems to have been missed out a lot when it come's to logo's. Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers thomsi
  9. Thanks for the help, easy when you know how.
  10. Thanks for the reply but how do I do this. I could do it in Hyperspin but not to sure with Launchbox.
  11. Hi, just a quick question. Is it possible to create a seperate wheel for seperate PC games i.e. a seperate wheel for GOG games and another for BigFish Games. I can obviously add them all under the Windows PC wheel but would like seperate ones. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
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