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  1. I got it running in RL/LB but it's pretty much unplayable. Those use just Launchbox do you get the same result?
  2. Is there any updated file with the bios1? Does Casio Loopy work in any other emulator?
  3. Yup, saw that yesterday on colpipes78 discord. Great tutorial BTW
  4. I have RetroArch running DC with redream core. I use Demul to run Naomi and Naomi 2. Neil is correct about the Demul vs Arcade Demul. That's who I have mine set in RocketLauncher.
  5. Are you trying to run Naomi or Dreamcast? I read Reicast and assumed you were trying to run DC. I use Demul for Naomi.
  6. I haven't had an issue with bios files in the System folder of RA. Are you trying to load Reicast in RA? You may have the wrong bios files for DC or you don't have ALL the bios files you need. There's a demul bios pack floating on the internets that may be of use to you. That's what I used since there are multiple bios files for the various regions of DC.
  7. If your using RocketLauncher/LaunchBox I've created a GP32 pack at ArcadePunks.
  8. Thanks to @vaderag I was able to get this wrapped up. I was able to compile a Launchbox No Intro pack for Acorn Archimedes. It's on the ArcadePunks forum and should be on the site soon.
  9. I can get Game & Watch to load in RA but it won't load with RocketLauncher / LaunchBox. It comes up for a brief second then goes away. Not sure if I'm missing something simple.
  10. I can get it to work in RA but it won't launch in RocketLauncher / LaunchBox. Not sure what's keeping it from loading.
  11. I was able to get up and running with tutorial video but how do you setup xbox 360 controls?
  12. Thanks I got progress. I was able to get Bug Hunter 2 to load.
  13. How'd you get the games to run in Arculator? I keep getting a black screen when I try to run a ROM.
  14. Which folder do I put the .adf ROMs in? Do I put them in the ROMs folder in Articulator folder or can they be in Launchbox/Games/Acorn Archimedes ? I'm getting the black screen as well whether I put the ROM in RISCOS2 or RISCOS3 folder.
  15. You can check out Reicast to emulate DC as well. That's what I use to emulate on my Raspberry Pi.
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