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  1. @Ushimo Thanks for the tip to download videos Actually the reason to post this issue is reporting the bug of this version. I'll try to import roms with your way.
  2. I've tried from empty launchbox (just installed), and scrape mame fullrom option with default recommanded setting plus emulmovies account setting, the launchbox scrape just images not videos clips. I think the launchbox 11.11 has problem to import medias from emulmovies with mame fullrom option. I hope to fix this bug next version.
  3. @sundogak I check many times for my emumovies account and I know the emumovies reset the password a few weeks ago. If you watch the attached video, you can see it works with single rom import.
  4. Hello! I wonder anyone has same problem like me. I've reinstalled launchbox a lot, but I got same results. The weird thing is when I click more info on single rom and then try to download medias (images and videos with emumovies only. unchecked all launchbox db media option), the launchbox download medias form emumovies correctly. 8CErixeR5p.mp4
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