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  1. Ok so I solved it. I just ended up downloading Launch Box again and moved the Big Box app shortcut to the current folder. I found out why that auto scroll was happening. Apparently my Xbox One controller's Left Button was stuck pressed down. I found this out by starting up a game(SMB 64 DS) just using Launch Box instead of Big Box and when I was running outside the castle yard, every time I would try to turn left or right using the analog stick, it would try and turn the camera. In SMB 64 DS, holding down L and pressing left or right turns the camera. So I was like, "Great, now something changed all my bindings". I then immediately tried pressing down on the LB and realized, "oh shoot, its stuck". After getting unstuck, it solved that camera problem and I thought, "...wait a sec, maybe this is causing that issue with Big Box". Guess what? It was. Big Box works great and now I'm happy.
  2. For some odd reason recently, when I would launch Big Box, as soon as it loads it just auto scrolls really fast and when you press back trying to exit Big Box, it wont let you scroll down to Exit. Its almost like as if when you hold and analog stick to the left and when a console starts up it thinks that the starting point and so it just goes to the left automatically. For Big Box, I use my Xbox One controller and use it via bluetooth. I had a hunch that maybe it was the controller, so as Big Box was doing its auto scroll I removed the batteries. The auto scroll stopped. I was then able to use a keyboard and scroll through and select like normal. I've tried a few things. I removed the controller from Bluetooth then re-synced it and it still does it. This started when I began using OBS to screen capture game play and I had a theory Big Big didn't like when I alt-tabbed between OBS and Big Box. Not sure if that actually did anything, but I figured I'd mention it since I'm sure more information helps you all help me. Anyways. I also tested out some games on Steam and everything works great with the controller. No auto scroll in games' menus or characters automatically moving to a direction.
  3. For my emulation station set up, I'm using my Alienware 13 R3 and just connect it to my TV via HDMI cable. Well, with the build that I chose for my Alienware, I opted for a 256GB pci ssd and now I'm starting to run out of space. If it is possible, I would like to buy an external HDD and have all my ROMs stored there and played off of there. If I store the ROMs on the external HDD, would I be able to just change the directory and have them loaded from the external HDD instead of off my laptop? Also, I want to get a quality external HDD too. Who makes a quality external HDD and should I go with 5400rpm or 7200rpm? Thank you!
  4. I tried a generic search just to see if anyone has touched on the subject I couldn't find it. So, sorry if you guys have already talked about it. Also let me preface that I'm pretty new to Launch Box and so far I'm really enjoying what I see. I love hooking up my lap top to my TV via HDMI and playing my games from the couch. I've been thinking about jumping in and buying BigBox. I prefer using every emulator individually instead of running it through Retroarch. The thing that I like about Retroarch though is the ability to have a button combination on a controller bring you back to the main menu so you can quick save. Currently to quick save in LaunchBox , I have to use the keyboard, which is fine if I'm playing on my lap on the couch or hooked up to my monitor at my desk because its within reach, but when I hook it up to my TV, the lap top is across the room on the floor next to the TV. I don't want to invest into a wireless keyboard to have on the coffee table just to use it to save. I know BigBox has a lot more options and a lot more controller support, but does it have the ability to quick save via a controller without pressing F1 or Shift + F1 on a keyboard?
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