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    Cover images disappearing

    Worked like a charm Teusan! For anybody else with the problem Select the games (or just control + A for everything) Go to Tools - Download Metadata and media - choose the settings like you would normally and voila Its all working perfectly now.. maybe its just an bug that occurs now and then?
  2. Dendro86

    Cover images disappearing

    I got the same problem. At first i had it with mame.. whenever i would launch a game its playing like normal but when exiting the game the front cover and metadata pictures were gone. But after a while it just fixed itself? But now my neo-geo games are having the same issue, it doens't matter what game you run all of them get deleted(or not shown) when quitting a game. I'm using retroarch and tried some other gaming platforms but they keep all the images. Its just Neo-geo on Retroarch at the moment. Also didn't move or delete some files. Its not the worst problem... but its annoying