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  1. Perfect dark n64 widescreen distorsion

    I still hope someone could test the game. It does not prevent me from playing the game but it sure would improve my gaming experience to have it solved. Thanks anyone.
  2. Launchbox Steam Import Issue

    Maybe you could delete the current metadata file so it can be redownloaded ?
  3. Hi. I'm playing Perfect dark with Retroarch Mupen64plus core, PD is one of the few n64 games that support widescreen. So I set aspect ratio to 16:9 and go to the options with the widescreen and 16:9 settings activated. Sometimes when moving camera picture gets distorted like it is overstretched in some part of the screen. Can anyone test if it is a common issue ? I also wonder if it is the same on original n64.
  4. Total noob looking for project tips

    I had difficulties to launch some of my games, I downloaded both beetle and pcsx cores. Beetle is for having original resolution I guess, graphics are closer to original. And I could not make pcsx work so I dropped it since epsxe was working for me, I didn't want to bother. Also I have epsxe on android and I sync both system's save files.
  5. Total noob looking for project tips

    For ps1 I'd pick epsxe over retroarch.
  6. Hi, I have this Bigbox behaviour that bothers me: my laptop is connected to my tv through hdmi, videos are ok, sound is played through tv speakers but the transition effects sound are coming through laptop's speakers, like attract mode or when I'm navigating in the menus.
  7. As I wrote, I Did. But they keep coming back when I add a new rom that belonged to one of the playlists. Let's say I deleted the playlists xml files, I add metal slug rom and then as soon as I finish downloading the pictures playlists show up in the platform list. The way I did works, playlists won't show if I don't want them to.
  8. So the thing wasn't totally fixed after all, playlists still came back when I added new roms that fitted these playlists. While tweaking I found that editing playlists allows to tick "include this playslist in platforms list", I unticked it and it seems to do the trick. Thank you for helping
  9. Great, that was it. I deleted playlists and it shows exactly as I hoped. Thank you.
  10. My problem here is that launchbox side bar is showing too many platforms in the side bar, I like having essentials, something clean. I delete unwanted platforms which contain sometimes only one game, like "cave" "midway classics" or "sammy atomiswave". But everytime I add a new game, these platforms keep coming back and then I'd have to delete them again. So that's it.
  11. Mame: dolphinbar guncode changes

    Hi, I am using Dolphinbar and wiimotes to emulate lightgun with mame games. Everything is working only that sometimes the controller name changes. S it changed from guncode1 to guncode5 then guncode6 recently. It is very annoying to have to remap the keys or have to retype the cfg file. Could this be because I paired another controller or I switched dolphinbar mode ? How can I avoid that ?
  12. ePSXe quit message

    I tried both script solution (with alt f4 or escape) and also tried Lilypad, both didn't work. For the ahk script, it showed the confirmation on exit when I pressed my gamepad exit combination. As for Lilypad, it did not work at all. The RocketLauncher stuff is not the best solution I agree, I understand that in fact it is not RocketLauncher that closes the confirmation box, in fact I set same combination for exiting emulator in both RocketLauncher and Launchbox, so when I am playing and press my exit buttons both RocketLauncher and Launchbox catch the input, so it presses twice exit and I have no exit confirmation. I was using RocketLauncher for emulator bezels anyway so it does not bother me. I still do not understand why the AHK script did not work though.
  13. ePSXe quit message

    The solution I found was using RocketLauncher. It is a bit more complicated than using Launchbox alone but it is worth have it working: when you configure your ePSXe emulator with RLUI, you go to "Settings", "Main Settings", "controls" then set your exit emulator key with your gamepad. It works flawlessly.
  14. Big Box + epsxe + controller autohotkey

    Hi Lilypad is not working for me. I have another issue with Lilypad, when I exit with esc key, screen resolution does not reverse back to Windows resolution (1920x1080) but remains in ePSXe resolution (1280x960). I don't have this issue with epsxe core input. So I guess I'll stay with it but still feeling annoyed of the confirmation on exit.