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  1. Yep, and it seems to download the correct them for other platforms. For whatever reason it just refuses to download anything but the first version of that theme.
  2. For whatever reason, when I select the latest version of the BigBox Cinematix Theme for NES, it always downloads the first version. Is there a known fix for this or an alternate place to download besides the app?
  3. Nevermind, I just figured it out by tinkering. This is definitely an improvement, and I think I could probably manage playlists to get me back to where I was with Hyperspin's genre function. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the quick feedback! I get the first part, but how would I switch categories in the sidebar between platforms and playlist? The way it currently works is it lists platforms and playlists in a single list, then goes straight to the list of all titles on that platform (or playlist).
  5. A feature I used heavily in Hyperspin was the genre button. I had sub lists set up based on genre, best of, region, number of players, etc. All I had to do was press the genre button and scroll down to the right list. In LB/BB I have setup some playlists for the same function, but all this seems to do is add additional options in the console list which adds more clutter to an already crowded setup. Is there a way to nest this similar to the way Hyperspin's genre function works?
  6. For anyone that stumbles across this later, I tracked the issue down to a problem with VJoy. I still have occasional issues where the controls in Big Box freak out, such as pushing the volume all the way up, but the other issue was at least tracked down.
  7. Since updating to the latest build, Big Box has some sort of input issue that renders it unusable. It acts as if up is being pressed constantly, constantly cycling through systems. You can't adjust settings because when you open the options menu it is locked on the back function. This does not happen in Launchbox or any other app. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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