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  1. Well, I couldn't get the fact that you can emulate iOS and Android games off my mind. What am I supposed to use and how do I get the apps?
  2. 4pp_r0n3

    Coleco [2]

    I use ColEm, but I want to convert to doing so in MAME. I already have coleco.zip, but what files do I need to emulate a game for the Coleco, Donkey Kong, for example. And what emulator do I use for Coleco ADAM?
  3. 4pp_r0n3


    How do I get the games for this system running?
  4. But the game doesn't load
  5. I neep help emulating the Commodore VIC-20 with LauncBox / MESS. The problem is that I have no idea wether or not the BIOS I have is the right one, and that of how to emulate the Commodore VIC-20 with LaunchBox. Any help?
  6. But where do I put the BIOS, I put it in the rom directory and it doesn't work
  7. Any BIOS for ColecoVision needed for MAME?
  8. How do I run both in LaunchBox? Nostalgia doesn't run .int and blueMSX has problems.
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