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  1. To be clear I don't have this problem with pretty much everything else that I run through Big Box. All other games and emulators work just fine without issue. Perhaps it's because Minecraft is a Windows App that is causing the extra grief? This is the Windows Store version of Minecraft which has full controller support... perfect for a Big Box setup. Mapping alt-tab to the controller through xpadder would probably work I'm sure although I really would like to avoid xpadder if at all possible. Nothing else needs it and it really shouldn't be necessary.
  2. I am trying to configure Minecraft to work with my Big Box setup. This is the windows app version of it and so I am forced to link Launchbox to a shortcut I created for it since if there's an actual .exe file Windows hides it very well. Doing this works without issue and when I select it - it launches straight in. The only problem I am experiencing is after exiting out of Minecraft I can then see the Big Box screen but it doesn't have window focus. I have to press a mouse button for the window to regain focus and be able to navigate again. Any idea how I can resolve this issue?
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