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  1. Indeed. Oh well, perhaps we are able to control the platforms the same way as the playlists in the future.
  2. Oke, issue is resolved with the use of NVIDIA Inspector. I've included a screenshot perhaps it will help other users. Cheers.
  3. Yes i have set the frame limiter to 60FPS but i seems that it doesn't do his job. I still see some severe FPS spikes and drops (30FPS - 100FPS) so basically i am unable to lock the framerate or forcing vsync. I will try some externa frame limiters perhaps that will work. Thanks anyway for your help.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to set vsync on BigBox. There seems no vsync option availabe in BigBox/LaunchBox. I have tried to force it with Nvidia driver but doesnt seems to work. I use allot of video's in bigbox and the Emumovies intro's stutters cause of the heavy FPS fluctuations. Any tips/advice? Thanks.
  5. Where exactly is it because i don't see any hide platform option.
  6. Yes, but i dont want to disable all platforms. Just a small selection of platforms.
  7. Hi is there a way to hide platforms? I've allot of playlists and i dont want to see all the platforms and the playlists together in BigBox. So basically i want to hide the platform but the games must still be visibel in the playlist. Thanks.
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