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  1. Correct! No takers thus far. Had a friend giving me a hand but still not finished... looks SoFL and now SoCal can use a hand...
  2. Yes, it is. I am interested in getting support.
  3. Would gladly consider compensation for the time that someone would be willing to put into it... configuration btw controllers, Ipac board and computer is what’s getting me currently...
  4. Here is what it looks like right now...
  5. Hi, I am looking for someone who would be interested in helping me setting up my machine. I have all the hardware components and software/ roms/ launchbox license/ etc. Due to time or sometimes lack of skills, I simply do not get my project done. I’d say it (configuration/ software) is 50-60% there. Hardware is 95% already done. If there is interest, I am in the MIA-FLL area and I am looking for someone nearby. Thanks!
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