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    Platform media for NEC PCE Turbografx

    Thanks for the information. Changed the "Scrape as..." in the Plataform edit view to "Turbografx-16" and it did work. For me this is a misconception on LaunchBox built in platform settings. I think that LB should respect the original names for each platform, and thus it should be named "PC Engine". But I did notice that Sega Megadrive is named Genesis inside LB, it clearly speaks out LB naming policy...
  2. Concurser

    Platform media for NEC PCE Turbografx

    Hello, When I go to Tools -> Manage Platforms, there is a "PC Engine Supergrafx" entry. Selecting it and clicking on "Edit...". This opens a new Windows with 3 tabs (Details, Folders and Notes). In the details tab, right side, there is an "Image" frame where I can point to local files holding console pictures, using the mouse right button (shows "Add image..."). In the details tab, left side, there is an "Scrape as" option set to "PC Engine Supergrafx", but it is already set. How do I force this scrape? Where is an action button for that? I am right now going through the "Tools->Download Metadata and Wizard" option, but I cannot see how this is going to bring the platform pics, since I believe it is made only to gather game-related stuff.
  3. Hello, I know that a strictly speaking the PCE and the SuperGrafx are different consoles, but LaunchBox treats it as an unique platform ("PC Engine Supregrafx"). Moving on, after importing some roms, I noticed that Launchbox did not bring any platform media at all, but the game media is fine. Is this the default behavior? This only happened during my PCE/Turbografx import. So in the end I have no console photo, or clear logo at all only for the "PC Engine Supregrafx". How do I force that without having to repeat this for all my game collection? Using LaunchBox 7.10.