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  1. Thanks for everyones help...I feel super dumb....user error was the culprit....when I would scan was using LB....the scan would some times pick a bin file track 1 for the cue file....it does work now....all I have to do now is right click on the game thats not working and change the location of the rom to the correct cue file for each game....but now that I learned you can convert the games to a smaller single file....I just might do that....thanks again....what a great forum
  2. Just got home and thinking again of just converting all games to PBP format cause its much neater......I was going to convert 2Xtream mabye you can point out which file to grab to convert...the first picture is what I have in my 2xtream folder next what you see is what I can pick in the converter...
  3. im going home early to work on this....gong to start from scratch and load the Playstation games frist
  4. User error seems like a good reason....maybe I was too excited and mess something up in the process......do you think I should start over from scratch and use the youtube tutorials? when I say got messed up....I mean the transfers from my desktop pc to my flash drive... this drive was iffy sometimes back then before I did a reformat..I would transfer videos that were present on drive but file size was 0 after moving was complete
  5. I did....that was the first thing I tried....in fact they games were running fine in my first setup....but I bought the premium version of BB and I was starting from scratch....maybe the file transfers messed up along the way...
  6. ok....I will have to look into this more when I get home....but I converted twisted metal 2 into the PBP format and the game loaded and it works...even in launchbox....now I believe perhaps some of my games are corrupt... but I will try to convert the original files when I get home....I dont have everything here but I am curious if there are some settings in the converter that I am not doing right....so I can get rid of the idea that my games are possibly corrupt....twisted metal 2 was a game that was not working .....was converted not touching any settings and is now working through retroarch and launchbox the version of all my games are NTSC
  7. ok....I got the game to boot into launchbox....awesome....but I think I may have messed up the file.....the PBP file....the logo for playstation pops up....but stays there how big is the file suppose to be after conversion....(ballpark idea)...... it was 427mb....now its 23.4mb
  8. @Shinryu no freaking way....Ill have to try that asap....kinda busy now but I will do it
  9. I really couldn't find a good tutorial.....found one but the picture aids were missing I converted the bin file and ended up with a folder called SCUS94508 with a pbp file called EBOOT.......could someone please tell me what to do with this.... this is the page I was looking at https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-to-converting-ps1-games-for-psp.206195/
  10. 2Xtreme and twisted metal 2 are the only ones I know for sure that are not working right off the top of my head
  11. I cant tell how your suppose to do it with that program....It is only letting me do one file at a time.....Ill look for a guide and get back to yall
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