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  1. Oh man- told you I'd be face palming over this I come from Hyperspin where nothing is easy! Thanks much and sorry I was so dense about a simple subject!
  2. I'm trying to change the image folder that LB uses for games in the system screen. EG I have some 3D box art I downloaded for MSX2 but can't figure out how to make those the default images instead of Screenshot Game Title. But there are some systems I'd like to use those or Cart-Front, etc... This is likely a simple thing but I have looked and looked and can't find how to do this. I may not be using the correct search terms in Google... Have a feeling I'll be face palming when someone tells me how to do this and how simple it is...
  3. Hi all, I have a fresh Mame setup and want to configure controls on all dual stick and trackball games. Years ago, I would get a list and configure them individually. Is there a way to do this all at once? thanks!
  4. Thanks for that thread link! Also, just updated and see that Music Box Alpha is available so I purchased forever license Gonna be a great weekend!!
  5. That was the problem! Got it going- thanks!! And thanks for the link to that Mame Tutorial. I try not to ask on here before I looking for answers but sometimes I just can't seem to find the solution. Again, thanks!!
  6. Just got home. Ran mame64.exe directly and it played fine. Tried again through LB and it failed again. Went back and tried running direct again and now doesn't work. Says can't find rom.
  7. Did that and it generated the mame.ini and ui.ini in folder with executable but still not working. Also restarted computer and rechecked emulator and platform info.
  8. Yes I extracted and ran the .exe and it worked fine.
  9. Just downloaded it from https://www.mamedev.org/ and still no mame.ini
  10. Pretty sure yes but I download it from there now to be certain.
  11. It didn't have the mame.ini file so I created one with command prompt in the main folder where the executable is. That didn't work so I copied in into ini folder as well but still not working...
  12. I have a fresh install of Launchbox I've been adding games to. Got the latest Mame 0.206 and 0.206 split roms then added the games in Launchbox via Mame Arcade Full Set. Only gets to "initializing" then closes. I've edited both platform and emulators to assure paths are correct. Tried running mame64.exe and loading game directly and have the same problem so it seems to be with Mame itself and not Launchbox? Searched the net for awhile and can't find the solution.
  13. That was it- thank you very much!! Now it's play time
  14. I went into "edit emulator" and made sure "extract ROM archives before running" was unchecked but the problem persists.
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