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  1. I am importing PC games into Launchbox, and it doesn't find much in the form of artwork or videos. How would one add this manually so those games look and feel as good as the ones already scrapped with loads of artwork and video?
  2. I did make it just pokemon in launch box (right click on game and edit) and those options did not populate for me in the dropdown. I will keep playing with it, but in the meantime is there a way to manually ass box art to games if metadata doesn't populate or emumovies doesn't find artwork?
  3. how do you have the game title in yours? I noticed if some are not 100% perfect it doesn't pull up at all in the search, but even if I have it as just Pokémon those games are not in the list.
  4. Ok So I am trying to get boxart and videos and such for the GBA Pokémon Games, it doesn't find FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, etc. Any reason this is or any idea how I can get the info for these games so they are not blank?
  5. @lordmonkus@neil9000 again I thank you and the rest of this community.
  6. I cant thank this community enough. I am so glad I switched from HyperSpin
  7. I finally got it working, after some time I did check the ISO files and there was a qsound file I did not copy over and that fixed all my issues.
  8. I got this from a torrent site, and its an ISO format that I will need to mount to get the files. I guess I can add files to the ROM folder until it works, If I cant do that I could just keep the image mounted and direct MAME to the virtual CD Drive. I just don't want all these nonsense games in my BigBox
  9. I have no idea what kind of set I have to be honest. But it might be something I did....so I gave the ISO these ROMs are on and made the path in MAME to the virtual drive path of the roms folder, and SSFII Turbo boots.....so it MIGHT be that I missed a file that is needed the seems to be so many SSF zip files. I only pulled out the Roms I wanted from this set so I wants filling my machine with games I will never touch. how do I find out what files I need to make this run out of this list
  10. ROMS from my MAME 188 set they just will not run. I tried to convert the 184 file I have to 188 and that doesn't work either. This is happening for a few of them Pacman, Super SF2 Turbo, Zookeeper to name a few. The roms will not work in MAME itself, and I get them in the set.
  11. ok at a loss, I guess I need to come to a grip that I'm either not going to get MAME to work at all or I will not get all the ROMs I want to work. this is rather disheartening when I had a full working ROM set with a old MAME, but it will not work with LaunchBox and have to use a newer one and not fine ROMs for version 188.
  12. ok yeah the 188 rom is missing loads of stuff when I explor the zip/7z file. The 182 rom of SSF2 turbo has a qsound in it as well as plenty of other files inside. there is no way to upgrade that rom to work with the 188 version?
  13. @lordmonkus the rom set I have was ment for the mame version I have. I did get a qsound for mame 182 how can I convert it to work for 188?
  14. ok if that is missing where do I find it
  15. MAME will pop up and crash and get a missing files error. I am not sure of a qsound file all I have is the MAME zip file.
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