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  1. Turns out you have to use a custom command line for each game. you have to use the game id found on the xml file -game="BEDLAM"
  2. Hello there i'm trying to setup Vectrex on launchbox, i have all the games running using the ParaJVE emulator my problem is when i launch a game there is no overlay shown just the screen bezel but i want it to show the background art. have been trying all sorts of thing to get i t to work any help wound be greatly appreciated.
  3. Tools, Options, Game Details, tick show video box sorted thanks peeps.
  4. i have done this exactly as you have described it shows game details and screenshots and i do have the game videos as i am a full member of emu movies there must be some other thing that has to be set or something.
  5. This is in bigbox mode I want to know how to do it normally
  6. how do i get launchbox to show videos, i can get them to show on bigbox but was wondering if anyone knows how do i get them to show on the normal launchbox as i have seen it is possible when watching youtube videos
  7. Not sure if anyone can help. Not really seen any decent Amiga overlays for retroarch or weather the retroarch emulator for Amiga is any good, but found a nice example of how it could look if done properly. Can anyone on here do some as I'm not that good at using image editing software.
  8. i cant believe whoever programmed this core never put a system in place so you can do this this is just ludicrous!!!!! have done this and is now working thanks guys!!!!!
  9. i cant believe whoever programmed this core never put a system in place so you can do this this is just ludicrous!!!!!
  10. Just been trying this and it dosent work since they are still using the same "CORE"
  11. trying to set up master genesis_plus_gx core for master system/genesis in retroarch so i can set a different onscreen overlay for each but since they both use the same core i cant seem to do it. does anyone know how?????
  12. i wonder if you can help me further. tyring to set up genesis/master system but since they use the same core how do i have a different onscreen overlay for each?
  13. Since updating to the latest build of retroarch i cant seem to find the "configuration per core" setting which i used to use, it seems to have vannished into thin air, now i cant have a specific overlay for each system, can anybody shed light on this?????
  14. This is great arcade Roms now working the only problem is now any emulator that requires folders to be unzipped ie 7z do not work. How do u fix this?????
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