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  1. I'm an idiot, I missed the part where you said to change the setting while the core is running. I've got it now and we're all set Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks as always @lordmonkus The shader trick worked perfectly (better than my workaround did, so thanks for that). However, I'm not sure the vsync disable is working. When I press "Save Core Overrides" in the quick menu, it does generate a folder, but I'm only getting the following line in the config file, the rest is empty: video_shader = ":\shaders\presets\Mupen64Plus OpenGL\Mupen64Plus OpenGL.glslp" I will try and tinker with this further for the time being.
  3. Hey, it's me again, the IT guy who is a total noob in RetroArch. I have one core which I don't want to use shaders with at all. I can set this just fine by setting zero shader passes, but I get an error trying to save the core preset. On two other cores I'm using shaders and they load fine. Problem is once I play either of those cores, whichever of the two I last used takes precedence and my no-shader core just uses the last used shader. Is there any way to set a dummy shader for that core, or any way to set this core to not use any shaders? I've looked around the web but can't seem
  4. Thanks for the discussion @mothergoose729 and @lordmonkus, really enlightening, and good to know ParaLLEl will hopefully make some progress in the coming months. I tried it and the core runs great, just seemed to be a little limited. I did try the build mothergoose729 suggested, and it runs fantastically. My only issue is that I can't force it to use my TV as the audio device, but I suppose that's something I can look into. Edit: @mothergoose729 - The guide you're working on sounds like a dream. Please try to remember me when you finish it. The N64 was also my favourite system
  5. I'm assuming you mean use LaunchBox to issue a Shift+Win+Right keystroke when PL64 launches? Also wasn't aware of the RA cache feature. Are there any games you've come across which are noticeably better in either emulator? Or is it really just one of those user preference type of deals?
  6. I've had some issues with performance in the Mupen64Plus RetroArch core. I went ahead and tried the latest PJ64 and it works fantastic. However, there is no option to launch PJ64 in fullscreen on another display. Does anyone know of a way this can be done? If not, does anyone know of some more performance friendly settings for Mupen64Plus that don't look like hot garbage?
  7. Just wanted to give an update on this thread. All is well now! GPUTweak wasn't the issue at all. But it was video card related: I noticed there was actually a new driver version, so I grabbed that and installed. No change. Rebooted. No change. In a fit of frustration I decided to go for broke and then deleted my Retroarch folder and extracted a fresh copy from the zip file. This fixed the "stutter" issue, but instead of stutter issues, I had this annoying screen tearing going from the bottom to top of the screen if I ran (especially in fade-in animations/sidescrollers).
  8. No, my 750 is an Asus card. I *do* have Asus GPUTweakII installed and running, so I went ahead and tried uninstalling it did not change anything.
  9. I've had it off by default. I'll have to poke around some more. At this point it may just be easier to use LaunchBox to make Higan fullscreen and then move it to the 3rd monitor on startup haha!
  10. Gave it a shot, but unfortunately the issue still remains. Thanks for the guess though, I appreciate it!
  11. Alright, will do. Was just hoping someone here had some insight. I'll go bother them haha!
  12. Here are the cores I've tried (all give me the same issue compared to standalone emu's): bsnes-mercury balanced bsnes-mercury performance nestopia
  13. Hey everyone, Just got LaunchBox and BigBox setup and LOVING the interface (goes perfect with Kodi) However, before today I'd never bothered with RetroArch for emulation. However, since I can't force Higan to load on my 3rd display (which is my TV), I figured I'd take the plunge. I've downloaded my cores, setup all my settings, and it all works. However, I'm noticing odd discrepancies in NES/SNES games (I haven't yet tried N64). When I play an (S)NES game in Higan, it's perfectly smooth, no stutters or sluggishness at all. However, using any of the bsnes cores (even performance), I g
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