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  1. Pulled down the latest Windows update and it seemed to fix the issue.. I need to shut that off.
  2. Hi All, My machine has been running happily for over a year.. No issues.. I was using it yesterday (first time in the last 2 weeks) and during game play - the Mame game went into the background and BB was visible (I believe the loading game screen - I should have made sure).. I was able to ALT-TAB back to Mame to verify focus was lost.. I then rebooted everything (Windows 10) and started over.. Same thing happened.. Then I tried just loading the game and walking away (i.e. Not playing.. making sure I didn't somehow have a weird hidden hotkey sequence) and when I checked back later.. it had happened. I searched the forum and saw similar things from years ago.. but nothing recent.. I let BB auto update (and Windows since I've never fully gotten it to stop updating...) Anyone know if recent updates that could cause this or what I can do? thx
  3. Thanks for the info - I'll poke around and get the documentation - Now I need to find "Hello World" for Bigbox.. Thanks
  4. Hi All - I'm going to add a motion sensor to my arcade cabinet that will do a few things (stop the screen saver, turn volume to a particular setting for example) One thing I would like is to have BB automatically go to a custom playlist. I didn't find a 'setting' for it.. But maybe a small plugin could do it.. Does one exist or something close that I could use as a starting point? (sorry if this is the wrong forum) thx!
  5. My question too! I just got a couple of C64 games going with Retroarch for a friend and thought it could/would make Daphne much simpler. I plan on giving it a shot very soon - so if no one has it - I hope to do it myself
  6. I'm sure.. If I can help somehow.. let me know.. Is there a logging feature or something? It happens pretty much all the time after a clean boot for me.. I'll try a couple of things to generate more symptoms. thx
  7. I'm assuming it is some sort of multithreading/windows service issue where the sound driver is up.. but the video driver is still loading or something during the bigbox startup.. some weird race conditon
  8. Hi All, My Bigbox startup video works sometimes... I always get the sound - but sometimes I get the video and sometimes I don't. After a machine reboot - I don't think I've ever seen the video... but then I exit BB and restart and I get it... Any ideas? thx
  9. Daphne fought me for a day and a half.. The bat file solution finally got me going.. Thanks for all the detail.. I almost want to delete it and start again just to reorganize all the files.. But maybe I'll leave well enough alone. Thanks
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