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  1. I've been setting up my collection on my new hades canyon NUC (I love this damn thing!) with Retroarch and my favorite emulators. No real problems until I installed Launchbox. So far today I've had three crashes that I had to hard reset on my computer. This only seems to be occuring while using Launchbox. First two crashes occured while I was setting up all the options in launchbox. Third just happened while playing Snes9x to test out functionality. I installed all available updates through Intel's updater (BIOS, fixes, etc.). Retroarch is also at latest version. The only thing that I haven't done is get a Windows 10 license, so its in watermark mode. Of course this NUC is notorious for being the first collaboration between Intel and AMD so it is running a i7 CPU and Vega CPU on the same chip. Specs: Hades canyon Intel NUC w/ Samsung EVO 500GB SSD, 16 GB Gskill 2400mhz ram, AMD Vega 4GB GPU
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