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  1. Yo thanks! I tried both your suggestions and it's working fine again! 👍
  2. Hi I'm trying to fix my setup for MAME v0.132.0.0 and Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3. I had it opening before fine through Launchbox and MAME but recently it doesn't launch, even though I can open the roms fine externally in MAME. Here is my current settings, please inform me if something is wrong (Roms are located in \Arcade\Mame\Roms):
  3. Replying to Dane: Actually I only discovered RetroArch late in developing my collection. The first emulator I ever used was ZSnes, and I just kind of focused on finding other emulators that worked well for each system. I'm definitely a fan of the idea of having a single program that can emulate multiple systems easily, but since I already had everything working efficiently, I had no need to change my setup. Also, I actually have the full ROM collections for most of the older systems, like NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc. all zipped up and archived, I just don't have them in my LaunchBox selection. I just don't really feel like playing Barbie: Super Model or Shaq-Fu for the SNES very often, for example.
  4. Replying to thegreatiandi: I think my N64 emulator is running pretty well actually! I tested out most games, and while the control scheme on an Xbox One controller for games likes GoldenEye take some getting used to, games like Mario 64 play like a dream! As for emulator updates, it's possible they stopped updating it, but if an emulator ran at the desired resolution with good input and fidelity, I didn't complain.
  5. After several months of organizing and fine-tuning, I am very satisfied with my final result and wanted to share it with fellow collectors! My current LaunchBox setup is: 1300 games, divided by top 100 games per system based on online review scores/sales numbers Systems: Arcade (using Final Burn Alpha and MAME) Nintendo 64 (using Project64) Nintendo DS (using DeSmuME) Nintendo Entertainment System (using VirtuaNES) Nintendo Game Boy Advance (using VisualBoyAdvance) Nintendo GameCube (using Dolphin) Nintendo Wii (using Dolphin) PC Games (using Windows 10) Sega Dreamcast (using nullDC) Sega Genesis (using Kega Fusion) Sony Playstation (using ePSXe) Sony Playstation 2 (using PCSX2) Super Nintendo Entertainment System (using Zsnes) Hardware: Intel i7 7700 CPU @ 3.60 GHz, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, Samsung 60 inch 4K TV, 2 Xbox One wireless controllers with wireless adapter I chose the default theme with vertical scroll wheel on the left side, and full screen videos in the background. This way you can see gameplay and trailers for every game full screen and get a taste of what each game has to offer. Box art and details are also displayed but do not totally obscure the video in the background. It took me a while, but I created my own PC game box art and gameplay/trailer videos, as LaunchBox Games Database/EmuMovies does not have every title. Overall, I am very pleased with the results, and just love being able to play from such a large library of games all in one place on my sofa! Thanks LaunchBox! (also have Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and Nintendo Switch to round out the collection 😁) LaunchBox.mp4
  6. Thanks, that did the trick! Good advice I'll remember that for sure
  7. Hi, quick question, I'm trying to change my Playstation 2 platform logo. I've had success with all other platforms, but for some reason I can't seem to change this one. To my knowledge, the clear platform logos that display on many scroll wheel inputs for platforms are located in \LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\Sony Playstation 2\Clear Logo, however if I try to edit that, it does not have any effect. Even if I delete all Sony Playstation 2 image files, LaunchBox still seems to pull an image of black Playstation 2 text from somewhere. I can't find the source of this image. I included a sample png, but I found this off the internet, not in my Launchbox folder. I want to change it to a different one because the black one does not contrast with my dark theme and I can't read it. Any suggestions?
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