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  1. Jason - I send in additional details from my Arthur.rayXXXX email fyi - but I'll check both.
  2. perfect - I just emailed them. hopefully they will get back soon.
  3. I just tried to re-download another LB file and as soon as I tried to add my BB license, the whole thing crashed. Thoughts. I have LB/BB running on multiple machines in my home arcade, not sure if that is somehow triggering an issue here. Best, Arthur
  4. I Just tried to download 9.10 and received a critical error message - LB/BB will no longer launch, Error message contains PLease help! FYI - using win 7
  5. Hello, I spent a good amount of hours tweaking LB and BB to get it exactly as I want. When I was last in BB, I changed the left hand menu wheel from text to clear images. When I went back to launch the Desktop mode I received the following (see attached). It only last for 1 second then shuts the program down. I've tried restarting my PC several times. BB seems to work still without problems, but I still need access to the desktop mode to delete some roms, make additional changes, etc. How do I fix this? I have all the art and snap finally downloaded for all my systems so I'd hate to uninstall and reinstall. ANy advice is appreciated?
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