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  1. Yeah, i was following the changelog since i couldnt update anymore and i got lost with the lot of changes made. Now i will have extra motivation to organize the games in my arcade cabinet. There's a lot work to do there.
  2. Just bought my forever upgrade license...very happy and anxious to get home soon to test version 9.1 (mine license expired in 7.4)
  3. Perfect! Cant wait the time comes hehe.
  4. Thanks, do you know the sale prices from past years? In my case i will upgrade to lifetime license
  5. Hi guys I know that there's more than 1 month ahead to black friday, but i'd like to know if the sale will last the entire day and the values (i want to get the for life updates, my 1 year signature has expired in July). I missed it last year, but this year i will not... Thanks
  6. Hi all, I have the limited launchbox license until jul 2018, but i was waiting these dates to uprade it to lifetime. I was unable to access internet friday and i lost the sale, so i would like to know if it will have a cyber monday sale? I would be very happy to have the chance to upgrade my version cheaper. Thanks
  7. I tried enable automation control in bigbox but could not be able to find any option to use a combination for exit any emulator, How can i do It? This ESC script Works so perfect, is there not a way to use It as a Controller Button?
  8. hi all, i want to use player 2 select (button 9) in every game and emulator to exit to bigbox... i copied this command in autohotkey script i saw in one of the emulators that was automatically created, i was using it until now that i moved my pc to an arcade cabinet (using no keyboard): ; This section closes Demul when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } How can i modify it to use button 9 on second controller instead ESC to exit any emulator and games no matter what? I use button 9 on first controller to insert coin... need a help because i dont have plans to use a keyboard...i just need this button or a combination to exit games and emulators anytime like this script do. Thanks
  9. thanks, found it here... and about show more than 1 image?
  10. Hi, my first post here, i´m just configuring this wonderful frontend to my arcade cabinet. Is there a way to configure bigbox default theme to show more than 1 image on game information? I want it to show title, gameplay 1 and gameplay 2 images...or automatic change through them. I cant find any setting for it. Thanks and keep the good work! Oh, by the way, how can i download the lastest launchbox beta?
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