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  1. Thx again for quick reply. Found problem. I opened retroarch.cfg, scrolled down and for some reason, I saw audio_mute_enable="true" (I replaced it with false). Big thank you ?
  2. Using LB 7.10 in Windows 10 Used to work perfect. No idea what happen but some emulators still work fine in LB but no sound. When playing games directly in the emulator (outside LB), the audio works. 8 emulators out of 16 are working great, audio and video. The other 8 lack of audio (music when available still works when hover games but no audio at all when playing game). Also, the 8 emulators lacking of audio run through Retroarch, and from the 8 emulators that have no audio problem, 3 run through Retroarch. Not sure what settings I should look for and where (Retroarch? LB?). ANd why are they working ok when outside LaunchBox. Any help please. Waiting to fix this problem before upgrading to BigBox. Thanks
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