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  1. VLC, although I've tried both to equal results. I have an interesting wrinkle to add after doing a little more troubleshooting. I unhooked the 10TB external drive from my desktop and hooked it up to a laptop, and BigBox video stuttering is completely gone. This is odd as the desktop is much more powerful than the laptop. I've tried several different USB ports now on the desktop all with the same result which makes me think there is a setting or program unique and new to this desktop that is causing all the fuss.
  2. Startup times aren't bad for either LB or BB. They both startup rather quickly, it's just the jerky/choppy scrolling/animations/video that are the bother. I went ahead and took a look at my playlists (don't ever use them, only sort through platform) and there were a bunch of auto-generated ones. Went ahead and removed all of them to test and the performance is still the same. No caching currently going on either. I went to the "All" category in LB, and ran a keyboard macro to slowly go through the list giving each box time to load. Even after they are fully populated performance is still ve
  3. I'll preface this by saying I have a somewhat large library at 21,565 games that is all on an entirely self-contained portable installation on a 10TB external HDD. Once I finally got everything setup the way I liked it, this setup ran beautifully, both LaunchBox and BigBox, with silky smooth animations and snappy menus. After a hiatus of a few months, I've come back to find that this is no longer the case. While LaunchBox and BigBox load quickly, all of the animations are EXTREMELY sluggish and choppy. Scrolling through a list of games for a system is no longer smooth and responsive. Worse ye
  4. In the past, I kept non-merged MAME collections and would only update by downloading a full new set once in a great while. I've recently switched over to a split rom set as I would like to stay more up-to-date with the monthly MAME releases and from my understanding, split sets are the easiest to update as they do not require the use of other programs such as CLRMamePro. I saw this quote from SentaiBrad in a different thread on this forum that led me down the split set path: As this is my first time updating a MAME set with an update pack, I'd like to make certain I am doing
  5. Can I sort platform lists differently between LaunchBox and Big Box? I’m aware of the option within LaunchBox. Thing is, I’d like to keep LaunchBox platforms in alphabetical order, but in Big Box, I like the clear logo wheel views for platforms and would like to group them by manufacturer, in order of release. Is this currently possible?
  6. Have you had any success initiating it through LB? After a lot of trial-and-error, we are finally able to actually connect to one another, but we have to do it through RetroArch. The right-click netplay menu item in LB simply does not work for either of us. I thought it may have something to do with our directories not being scanned within RetroArch (since we both use LB exclusively for game organization), so I went ahead and did that and still no dice. Not sure if it matters, but we are having to connect to one another using the relay server option. I'd love to hear if anyone with A
  7. My cousin and I are attempting to get netplay working in RetroArch through LaunchBox. However, when I right-click on a game (in this instance, Sunset Riders on SNES using the SNES9x core) and select "RetroArch Netplay", I'm having a problem. After inputting my nickname and clicking OK, nothing happens. LaunchBox is acting like it is not even registering anything when I click OK. LaunchBox works perfectly fine with RetroArch for all other aspects except for the netplay launching feature. Is there something I am missing or doing wrong? I've combed through all the options and can't find a r
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