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  1. I'm having a little problem trying to get Amiga CD32 and Amiga (500) games separate within the same emulator (launcher mode) inside LaunchBox. Let me explain a bit better. Outside of LaunchBox I can play Amiga games and CD32 games perfectly but I need to change the cfg. I made a separate emulator folder only using the CD32 cfg but it still loads up the Amiga 500 as default so the CD32 games wont run. I noticed the cfg files are going to my doc folder on the C drive which is a pain because I have one hdd dedicated to all my emulator stuff. Is this possible or do I require a different emulator for each one?
  2. Absolute genius. Thanks for that. It is Rik the roadie. I had a quick look at some screenshots and I remember driving through traffic and then doing a concert at the end. Might have to find this little beauty out. It was released in 1988 which seems a little late for me since I was born in 1981. Repton was 1985 so it seems, that may have been one of the first games I played. Thanks again for the help.
  3. When I was younger we starting our gaming life with a BBC Micro followed by a C64. We had a game but i can't remember what it was called or which computer it was on. I'm almost positive it was for the BBC Micro but I'm not 100%. From what little I remember, The game was about a band that you had to drive to the concert. You or may not have been the manager/promoter. It's been around 35 years so I would be guessing at what else you did. Any ideas? It would mean a lot to find out what game it is because it's one the very first ones I played along with Repton.
  4. Tbh it's been years since I've really messed with Mame and I have heard about matching the Mame and Roms. Maybe it's just pure fluke that I got majority working in the past. How do I know what version roms I have? I know you can load more than one Mame in the Emulator section so, could i get certain roms to load on a different Mame and how would I make it load that has default? Or would it be better to make separate imports if I knew the rom number and Mame required? It's sounds like I'm opening a can or worms.
  5. Just out of curiosity. Do you have issues with certain games playing on one Mame and others playing on another? And which version do you use if you don't mind me asking?
  6. I've managed to sort it out. I must have been really tired last night and never noticed it now does a drop down box with a bar that moves up and down so it only shows half of the menus. Hmm 🤔 lesson learned 😂
  7. Thanks. I tried that but when I did the button cfg, one of the buttons would quit the menu instead of changing. I just wrote it off after that.
  8. Yours is doing what I don't want it to do lol. If you look at your games they are all piled together which I can see how it would benefit to just pick a game. But on the left you could choose the Emulator and it would only show the games linked to that Emulator. For instance you could choose the Nes emulator on the left and in the right it would just be Nes games. I won't complain if this is how it is now but I'm just after some clarification that it is what is so I don't have to scratch my head.
  9. I updated Launcbox and imported my Mame games through the new Mame import section. I picked Retroarch but fell into a few issues. Setting up Retroarch for Mame is a nightmare compared to standalone Mame. First issue was the very low resolution even with the Mame Menu and it was in wide-screen (which I can only assume most people wouldn't want that?). I couldn't get my buttons to cfg on my arcade stick because one of my buttons did a skip and another brought up the Mame menu and I looked everywhere in the settings and couldn't find where those were. Seems like some kind of conflict is happening with Retroarch and the Mame it's using but, I could be wrong.
  10. The 8.6 is a big change and looks very nice but I don't know if I'm missing something. On the left panel it used to show the consoles you had. For some reason I just ended up with a big list of games and loading one would load the relevant emulator. Is this now normal or am I missing something? Personally I would prefer a a list of the emulators only and the games that go with that emulator. I've never really been fussed about the developer list.
  11. I updated to 8.6 and imported USING Mame under tools. I used Retroarch for default but I wasn't happy for a number of reasons so i put Mame back as default. Now when I try to load a game in the Arcade list, it still loads up retroarch even though I changed it back to using Mame direct. so now I have to right click the game to choose the Mame emulator. Please note that this issue is with Launchbox and not Retroarch.
  12. I didn't know I could use mame . I have just highlighted all my neogeo games and pointed them towards the mame emulator and now it loads the games like I wanted . thanks for the help on that one. I think i'm more than happy with the collection I have. I just wanted to be able to play my games from the past (c64 days up to my arcade days) I think I will give the playstation and what not a miss. I think you can go too far and not enjoy the simple things that made you want to do it in the first place.
  13. Appreciate the help people. I have stripped away retroarch and redownloaded it. I have put everything back in and the N64 and Genesis work. It does mean doing some settings but it's certainly a start. So I need to uncheck everything when the game are imported? I was not aware of that because it never mentioned it in the videos and maybe it should be if it is important. Next task is neogeo. I ave the emulator downloaded in retroarch but it's one of those I need to put in the associated platform myself. I think that's where I draw the line and use it's own emulator lol.
  14. Don't you have to check the box to associate that emulator to run in retroarch? If I uncheck It, what would it default to?
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