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  1. Hi i think i figured it out it has to do with the naming of the files you have to edit the .lst and add spaces to the game name Eg (deadoralive) to Dead Or Alive
  2. Hi Lordmonkus Thank you so much for your help
  3. Hi I am slim-lining my setup and want to change my games directory from D drive to Games directory in the launch box folder when i select a bunch of games and select EDIT i cannot see an option to change game directory ( i can edit single games within the edit menu) but editing single games will take forever is there a quick way to do this Thanks Shane
  4. Hi I watched another great tutorial by ETA Prime and Unbroken Software on installing Sega Naomi /Sammy Atomiswave games. I have the problem that i select all the .lst files to import but it will only import 4 games i can import .lst files one at a time no problem . same with Sega Naomi games select all .lst files only imports 5 but i can select .lst files one at a time and import them that any ideas what setting i have stuffed up Thanks Shane
  5. Hi i am having trouble finding the Mess_libretro Core in the core updates section of RetroArch as Launchbox says there is a missing core file in emulator section Thank You
  6. Hi turning the power settings to performance fixed the issue Thank you for your help
  7. Hi i loaded the game file straight from Retroarch and the sound is still faulty
  8. Hi thanks for the quick response i have never tried this and i dont know how to sorry
  9. Hi If I launch a game (NeoGeo,Mame,Cps1) from within RetroArch the sound is scratchy/like it is under heavy cpu load . If I launch the same game directly from the emulator (NeoGeo Mame,Cps1) the sound is fine. I just loaded RetroArch version 1.7.0 have tried to change all the audio drivers from within retroarch/Driver/Audio Driver still poor sound i am running launchbox and retroarch on a new laptop corei7 7th gen with windows 10. the audio is fine with the same setup on my desktop machine any help with this would be great
  10. Shane

    Video on side Bar

    Hi Thank you very much all working again
  11. Shane

    Video on side Bar

    Hi Thanks for your help It sort of worked now i get a black square you have to click on it to get the video to play .I thought it used to auto play
  12. Shane

    Video on side Bar

    Hi when I used to click on a game, A preview video played In the side bar in launchBox Today I noticed it dident play the video. Just showed game info and screen shots preview videos still work in boxBox any ideas what I have done Thanks Shane
  13. Hi Thanks for your help and quick reply all good now Thanks again
  14. Hi would that be the option Download Meta data and Media
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