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  1. ok.i have just format win7 to windows10 on hard drive C: without change anything on my launchbox repertoire who is on D: hard drive and all is ok now.i don't know why but it works perfectly.
  2. Hi!when i press the hotkey button to exit emulateur ,i return to bigbox but it freeze and i need to force quit with ctrl alt suppr. dolphin is the one who fonctionning correctly.all the other crash.(retroarch nulldc ppsspp.....
  3. Now it's center.i have put nostalgia0.98a with the dll.i have also delete the bigboxsettings.xml. Now rest the problem you can see in pictures 1 and 3
  4. maybe a launchbox reinstallation?
  5. no it don't works.nothing change
  6. this is my avlf folder with index file AVLF.rar
  7. impossible to upload the .zip .it crash everytime i try.i have the last version of nostalgia.
  8. i have not this line like you in my config text: AllowFallbackRandom="True" what is this?
  9. screen in 1680*1050 on a 22 inch with this command on true:
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