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  1. I’d be worried about not having backup. I had 60,000 at one stage on a 6tb hdd, hardly used either, plugged in 3month later drives f*****. I was well gutted just started a new HDD and got roughly 40,000 but struggling using retro arch with controls and missing loads of cover art etc , it was so long ago I set it up 1st time round, was planning on making a 4 player cab 32/40” screen with aimtrak guns too, but can’t find any decent CNC plans either, wanting to upgrade a shi** cab I made years ago
  2. Think so far I’m on about 42,000 I Did have over 60,000 games but my hdd died, so had to start all over again, I had a lot on back up drives apart from the bigger files what seem forever to download a decent sized collection.. ps1/2, GameCube & Wii and a lot of pc games
  3. what my place would look like if i didn't have a mrs and kids, you after any? lol
  4. cleverest just a few videos showing it running and on emulators, videos poor quality and doesn't do it justice, mind the mess got wires all over from this project i'm on with, mrs is going mad lol wii game, house of dead overkill.... running on dolphin emulator pc-rom, house of dead 3......just pc duck hunt......mame virtual cop.......sega model 2 emulator worth investing my 5yr old loves it, he's got it on a cab i built him, not very good but hey 1st attempt IMG_3749.MOV IMG_3750.MOV IMG_3751.MOV IMG_3753.MOV
  5. cleverest the gun http://www.arcadeguns.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=267 downloaded house of dead 1-3 pc rom didnt need any set up at all, looks and works as good has the real arcade cab ive played a few games using dolphin for WII games ghost squad,house of dead overkill but have problems with controls once i set the gun up i cant play the other wii games because the control config needs changing back to pad, so thats a abit of hassle if you doing a arcade cab, im looking into a way around this. there will be a way mame works great, hard to set up gun, but works really good, i also upgraded the sensor bar that came with the gun has it only worked on small screens, so needed another, now it works on anything between 40-100" tv. As my next cab im planning using maybe 40-55" tv
  6. i have just a few short of 30,000 all working too. on with my second build, planning using 40-50" tv 2 player gun set up too, already got one works great on 50" tv,
  7. great work thanks, just downloaded it any chance you could do a turtles TMNT theme video
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