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  1. Attract Mode was indeed enabled and it's been so far so good since I disabled it. Thanks!
  2. I don't believe I ever turned Attract Mode on, but I'll take a look when I get home. At first, this message would only pop up for a split second in Big Box when I tried to escape to the options screen from the game select screen, then crash. Now it just seems to do so randomly when BB is open. This is the only time the error messages stayed on the screen for more than a second, so I took pics.
  3. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. I'm kind of dead in the water here, and I REALLY don't want to reformat as I have hours and hours of work put into this machine.
  4. Big Box 10.10 keeps crashing on the game select screen. At first, it would only do this when I tried to exit to the options menu, but now it keeps doing it randomly, making it pretty much unusable. I have updated Windows 10 Pro (currently on build 1909), updated LB/BB, and uninstalled and reinstalled LB/BB, but I am still experiencing the issue. I've attached pics of the error that I'm getting.
  5. Since the update to the newest version of Big Box, I've encountered a couple of weird issues: - When I open a MAME game, the game screen is almost immediately minimized, leaving only the Big Box game selection screen visible. I have to escape out of Big Box and maximize the MAME window to get to the game. - When I use the Back hotkey on the game selection screen, instead of taking me to the options, it instead closes Big Box entirely. I tried remapping Back to another button but it behaves the same way.
  6. Okay, new issue. I was playing a game when the screen orientation suddenly changed and the game crashed. Now I can't open Big Box (doesn't appear in processes, either) and Launchbox throws an error when I try to open it ("The program has stopped responding...")
  7. That was actually the very first thing I tried, but Windows Update told me I was already up to date, so I dismissed it as the problem. I even checked Services to ensure it was actually running. Freaking Windows, man.
  8. The FCU update did the trick! Thanks to everyone for the help, that was driving me nuts!
  9. Will the FCU bring me up to speed, or is there some other way I can force an update, since Windows Update apparently can't?
  10. 1511 EDIT: Looks like mine's way out of date. Windows Update says I'm up to date, though.
  11. Well, I tried to run the cleanup utility and one of the options to clean up was 4.7, though when I look in C>Windows>Microsoft.NET, the latest version that shows up is 4.0. Big Box keeps prompting me to install 4.7, though.
  12. I'm currently upgrading to the Fall Creators update as a hail mary. I don't know what else to try.
  13. .NET FTR, my specs: Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit Pentium N3520 2.16 GHz processor 4GB RAM
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