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  1. I have a older Riva Tuner than you, and that might explain it.
  2. Thanks! I can confirm that Riva tuner was the problem. Added Launchbox.exe and Bigbox.exe and set them to none in Riva Tuner. Both work fine now
  3. I have tried several of those, even in a new folder, no luck.
  4. BigBox does not show any window but the BigBox process stays for 30 seconds and grows to 2GB Ram then closes.
  5. Log folder is is empty even on the clean install. When I start launchbox i get a LauncBox windows Populating Games... Caching Playlists... Loading Interface... Then it closes and nothing happens, no logfile is created. On the old install it takes a few seconds, on the clean install it's a second or less.
  6. Oh, yes, I have premium and the same happens to Bigbox, just takes a lot longer time to not start.
  7. No error messages, just does not start, no hanging process. Reboot does not help, reinstall does not help, install to new folder does not help (stable or betas). The PC is a Asus ROG GR8II https://www.asus.com/Mini-PCs/ROG-GR8-II/ i7, 16GB ram, 256GB NVME SSD (for os and apps), 2TB SSHD for Launchbox, 10TB USB 3.0 games HD, GTX1060. Running Windows 10 1903, latest Nvidia drivers and was running perfectly with Launchbox.
  8. Fuck, it happend to me now... I'm unable to start Launchbox. Restart, Reinstall, clean install in new folder, betas, releases, does not work. What do I do? I'm running Launchbox on a dedicated "Arcade" computer in a Arcade cabinet. It has been working, for almost a year, but stopped working after upgrading to 10.3.
  9. You should test the config in Winipac. After reading my config files, check that the buttons and sticks are mapped correctly. If the gamepadtest does not work, it will not work in Launchbox.
  10. Did you flash both controller boards, then use my config files? If yes: Test them in controlpanel to see that they work as four gamepads If no: Flash both boards, but save backups first.
  11. I made updated autoconfig files for iPac2 and MiniPac. I have now mapped Left and Right analog sticks to the dpad. That makes the setting "User X Analog to Digital" work with both "Left Analog" or "Right Analog" or set it to "None" if you do not want it. This made for example GameCube games playable with arcade stick when dpad does nothing and the analog stick is used to move. I-PAC 2.cfg Mini-PAC.cfg
  12. So this solution was actually posted 2 weeks ago, but I was told to delete it because of a double post or something. I deletet it, and it was gone
  13. Here is the post from December 6. That I deleted, but I did save the text:
  14. Yes, gamepad id's... I have the 4 player version and it uses 1xiPac2 and 1xMiniPac. I found a fix. Player 1 is 3, Player 2 is 2, Player 3 is 4 and Player 4 is 1. This is bacause of the way the boards are cabeled. Player 1&3 is the iPac2 board and is always second after boot, so it gets id 3&4. Player 2&4 is always first after boot. So it gets id 1&2. Player 2 is cabled to the second gamepad on the MiniPac and Player 4 to the first. I did post this a week ago. But was told by a admin to delete it.
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