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  1. You should test the config in Winipac. After reading my config files, check that the buttons and sticks are mapped correctly. If the gamepadtest does not work, it will not work in Launchbox.
  2. Did you flash both controller boards, then use my config files? If yes: Test them in controlpanel to see that they work as four gamepads If no: Flash both boards, but save backups first.
  3. I made updated autoconfig files for iPac2 and MiniPac. I have now mapped Left and Right analog sticks to the dpad. That makes the setting "User X Analog to Digital" work with both "Left Analog" or "Right Analog" or set it to "None" if you do not want it. This made for example GameCube games playable with arcade stick when dpad does nothing and the analog stick is used to move. I-PAC 2.cfg Mini-PAC.cfg
  4. So this solution was actually posted 2 weeks ago, but I was told to delete it because of a double post or something. I deletet it, and it was gone
  5. Here is the post from December 6. That I deleted, but I did save the text:
  6. Yes, gamepad id's... I have the 4 player version and it uses 1xiPac2 and 1xMiniPac. I found a fix. Player 1 is 3, Player 2 is 2, Player 3 is 4 and Player 4 is 1. This is bacause of the way the boards are cabeled. Player 1&3 is the iPac2 board and is always second after boot, so it gets id 3&4. Player 2&4 is always first after boot. So it gets id 1&2. Player 2 is cabled to the second gamepad on the MiniPac and Player 4 to the first. I did post this a week ago. But was told by a admin to delete it.
  7. I have been messing with this on my new 32" Pro Upright Xtension Arcade Cabinet "4 Player Ultimate Edition", and found that the best solution is to make Gamepads out of Player 1 and 2 and keep the Pause, Exit, Select, Menu and mouse buttons like they where. 1. Start by getting the WinPac software: http://www.ultimarc.com/winipacv2setup.exe 2. Open the software, and save a backup of your config and note wich board and firmware you have. Press File -> Export to save a backup. 3. Download the dual gamepad firmware: http://www.ultimarc.com/ipac_dualgp.zip I'm guessing you have a iPac2 board with FW1.44 There are 2 types of firmware for the iPac boards: 1.3x Keyboard, mouse and gamepads 1.4x Keyboard and mouse 4. Upgrade your boards firmware to 1.39, in WinIpac go to File -> Firmware upgrade Follow the instructions, and be careful and select the correct board. The zip includes firmware for 4 different boards. For iPac2 select: IPAC2_139.ufw 5. Open your export file in notepad or even better, notepad++ Compare that to my Xtension Ultimate Edition Ipac2 Original.xml 6. Configure your board for gamepad (Xbox default setup) If they are identical, you can import my file If not, you will have to manually edit the controls for your board. The key is to map your gamepads so they ar identical to a XBox controller Button 1 - 6 = Gamepad button 1 - 6 Coin = Gamepad button 7 Start = Gamepad button 8 Do this for player 1 and player 2 I did not touch any other buttons, and just left them as is. I have attached 4 setups for 2 different boards. For iPac2 go to File -> Import and select Xtension Ultimate Edition IXtension Ultimate Edition Ipac2 GamePad.xml Then select File -> Force board reconfigure 7. Configure Retroarch: Go to your RetroArch folder and look here: RetroArch\autoconfig\xinput If you have a "I-PAC 2.cfg" delete it and save mine there instead. I have attached the I-PAC 2.cfg file and one for Mini-PAC.cfg Now Retroarch will work like this First row of buttons on the Xtension is Y X L Second row of buttons on the Xtension is B A R Coin is Select, and 1Player is Start If you use mame or any other emulator you will now have to map the gamepads. If you have messed with RetroArch and the gamepads do not work, rename your retroarch.cfg. Gamepads work in BigBox automatically. In RetroArch you can change the F1 menu toggle to TAB, to enable the Menu key on the Xtension. Xtension Ultimate Edition Ipac2 Original.xml Xtension Ultimate Edition MiniPac GamePad.xml Xtension Ultimate Edition MiniPac Original.xml I-PAC 2.cfg Mini-PAC.cfg Xtension Ultimate Edition Ipac2 GamePad.xml
  8. Cirion

    Best Performance

    Well, since the laptop was a sucsess, I have ordered a ROG-GR8II with i7-7700, 16GB ram, GTX1060 and a 256GB M.2 SSD. Just have to wait for it to arrive...
  9. I guess 4k requires HEAVY machinery... Stick to 1080p or upgrade the PC. I'm complaining on 1080P...
  10. Cirion

    Best Performance

    I had a ROG-G751JT laptop laying around... It has a i7-4720HQ, 16GB RAM and GTX 970m. So I installed a clean W10 on that and installed the 2TB SSHD with Launchbox, and attached the 10TB USB 3.0 drive. BigBox is definitely a lot faster. Startup time is stil as slow, but moving around in BigBox is a lot smother and the video's now play without beeing choppy. Big difference. I also see a huge difference when scanning for media, before it used minutes per game. Now it's seconds... CPU is only at 2-31% while scanning, instead of 95-100%
  11. Cirion

    Best Performance

    Lets just say it like it is... I can afford it... What should I buy? As for what I like to emulate, is everything that is controllable with arcade sticks, arcade guns, trackball and spinners. If I need a gamepad with analogue sticks I do not need it. From what I can see, a Nvidia GTX 1060 would probably more than I need så anything better than that is just a waste of money. The GTX 960M in my current rig, does look like it's enough. But the CPU is the one getting maxed out. To me, it looks like the CPU is the bottleneck. What is the best CPU for Launchbox? There are to many CPU's to choose from, and I prefer buying the one that gives most performance for BigBox. All emulators I use, run fine, it's just BigBox that is laggy. Since my ROG-GR6 is not up gradable, I can start with a fresh build.
  12. Cirion

    Best Performance

    I have followed that guide But if I'm to build a new computer for my Arcade, I would like to know what will have the most effect. My library is at 50 000 now, but I'm not done adding all that I want, and yes I noticed the speed difference when adding the playlists. Since I love them, I'm willing to upgrade my rig... If it is the CPU, what cpu will give most performance? I guess this one is my culprit. If it is the RAM, how much and what speed? I think 16GB is overkill If it is the GPU, I dont think it's the GPU.... The CPU is up to 95% while starting BigBox but not constant. The CPU is at 100% for long periods after BigBox is started. (only in the GUI with video running, Unified Redux theme). What will be the best CPU for BigBox GUI?
  13. Cirion

    Best Performance

    Yes, please give us a recommended spec (specially for large database). I'm considering upgrading since I'm not satisfied with my setup now. It's a Asus ROG-GR6 wit 16GB ram, 256SSD for OS, 2TB SSHD for Launchbox and 10TB USB3.0 drive for Roms. It has a GTX-960M and i5-5200U. Boot is nice and fast, Launchbox & BigBox have loong start times, and if startup video in BigBox is enabeled the looooooong startup time gets added after the startup video so it looks SUPER laggy... It also lags when moving throug the systems and if categories enabeled it's slow and difficult to navigate. It's a big library, so that is the reason, but what is needed to get it to run faster? CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM?
  14. I really liked the playlists, but they make Bigbox look buggy...
  15. I deleted all startup videos, and now I get just a Big Box logo, with the same looooooooooooooooooooong pause then bigbox starts. It's still a bit slow to start the Arcade video. I then deleted all playlists from the playlist folder, and now I have the same looooooooooooooooooooong pause then bigbox starts. But the Arcade video starts instantly after that.
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