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  1. Cirion

    Where do I download Launchbox.next?

    Already have it there, but if I press it, I have to close Launchbox first and wait for it to close before it works...
  2. Cirion

    Where do I download Launchbox.next?

    I want a BigBox button
  3. Cirion

    Where do I download Launchbox.next?

    Yes, but in the tutorial videos there is a Launchbox.next and a BigBox button on the top right. How do I get the BigBox button there? Is it removed in 8.9, I tink I started on 8.7 so I have never seen how it looked before.
  4. Cirion

    Where do I download Launchbox.next?

    Hmm... So I have it, but it does not look like it, and does not have the buttons like it? I have no BigBox button, have to go to the menu on the left to find it, or quit launchbox and start BigBox instead.
  5. I have not found it. It's not in my launchbox, and not in my launchbox directory. I can not find any download link for it, I have testet betas and still not there. I have 8.9 now.
  6. Cirion

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    FBA uses mame games... If the game is in The Bezel Project - MAME, then use that bezel.
  7. Cirion

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    I was frustrated by not having overlays on GCE Vextrex, and I found a way to use individual overlays on each game. After that was done, I tried The Bezel Project, and found they are already setup. Here is how i did it.... (I prefer doing it from the start so anyone with a fresh install can do it) I use Notepad++ to multi edit all configs. I'm using Atari7800 in this example. Since I like my configs to be squeaky clean, I start by disabling Save on Exit It can be done by setting this line in retroarch.cfg (change from true to false) config_save_on_exit = "false" Download and unzip the system you are using. Copy the two folders config and overlay of the systemrom: TheBezelProject\bezelproject-Atari7800-master\retroarch\config TheBezelProject\bezelproject-Atari7800-master\retroarch\overlay Place them in this folder: (or your Retroarch folder if you have put it somewhere else) LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch\ Create a config file for Atari7800 inside this folder: LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch\config I call mine "Atari 7800.cfg" Edit the file and paste in this: input_overlay = ":\overlay\Atari-7800.cfg" input_overlay_enable = "true" video_shader = ":\shaders\shaders_cg\crt\crt-lottes-multipass.cgp" video_shader_enable = "true" aspect_ratio_index = "23" custom_viewport_height = "1073" custom_viewport_width = "1435" custom_viewport_x = "242" custom_viewport_y = "3" input_overlay_opacity = "1.000000" video_font_enable = "false" config_save_on_exit = "false" video_fullscreen = "true" input_overlay_hide_in_menu = "false" xmb_alpha_factor = "0" core_options_path = """ video_rotation = "0" The viewports now work for all games as well as the default system overlay. I prefere setting it here. If you use a different overlay for the system you will have to set the viewport in each game cfg. The shader, is my prefered, if you dont like it, delete the 2 lines or change it. video_shader = ":\shaders\shaders_cg\crt\crt-lottes-multipass.cgp" video_shader_enable = "true" In Launchbox -> Manage Emulators -> Retroarch -> Associated Platforms -> Atari 7800 -> Extra Command-Line Parameters, type the following: (Just edit your path, mine is H:LaunchBox, yours may be in another folder.) -c "H:\LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch\config\Atari 7800.cfg" That will make Retroarch use the specific config for that system. If you want Escape as exit key, also edit the AutoHotkey Script and add: $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_class RetroArch } Now edit all the .cfg files in this folder (open them in Notepad++) RetroArch\config\ProSystem Replace the following text: /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay/GameBezels/Atari7800/ With this text: :\overlay\GameBezels\Atari7800\ Apply to all open documents. Save All. Close All. Now edit all the .cfg files in this folder (open them in Notepad++) RetroArch\overlay\GameBezels\Atari7800 Replace the following text with nothing: (so only the gamename.png is left) /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay/GameBezels/Atari7800/ Apply to all open documents. Save All. Close All. Ready to test... You should now have unique overlays for each game or the system overlay if it is missing.