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  1. I just wanted to mention a few minor bugs I've noticed pop up in the last few updates. 1. Game counts have stopped updating properly when you use the search fuction. Not a huge deal, but it was nice to have the count update consistently as it did before. (even if that did mean some performance drain) 2. Ever since the major interface update the left and right arrow keys no longer wrap to the next row. Again, not a huge deal.. but I bet this one is super easy to fix. 3. And now the one that's actually been bothering me and caused me to make this post. Ever since a recent update when games are sorted by 'last played' the game's position in the list is no longer resorted on launch until you reload the list. I quite enjoyed that feature.
  2. When I try to click on a screenshot to see more detail, I'm greeted with a tiny image. Is there any way to zoom? (other than not running in UHD resolution) eg.
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