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  1. Ok good to know. Thanks for your help. Also, I am on WIndows 10.
  2. I am running latest Geforce Experience Version and Nvidia Driver 385.69. I am intentionally not running latest Nvidia Driver since it causes issues with HDR movie playback. When I re-enable (toggle) "In-Game Overlay", the crashes reappear. Just wanted to clarify my setup.
  3. I solved it! I got a funny feeling that it might have something to do with Nvidia drivers since I saw some Nvidia processes also crashing with BigBox. I have been using Nvidia Shadowplay to record some games that Launchbox/Emumovies can't find videos for. When I disable the "In-Game Overlay" function in Geforce Experience, the crashes go away! Feels good to find the cause of the problem. This might nontheless be valuable info I guess?
  4. I get an error message like "launchbox encountered an unexpected error...." with a text box containing a crash report (I guess?), but then it freezes and Windows shuts down the processes.
  5. Thank you, and thanks for the quick reply. BigBox lanuches fine with the short startup video, and it doesn't matter if I have a Startup-folder or not. Launching BoxBox without any startup video works just fine (which is how I have been running it previously)
  6. I am running latest 7.14 and have just started messing with Big Box Startup videos. Almost all videos causes Big Box to instantly crash directly after the video is complete and Big Box is launched. However, this only happens with longer videos. For example, the "Blue explosion" one is 8 seconds, and it runs no problem (I did notice however, that I can't skip this video to instantly launch Big Box). All the other ones (around 15 seconds and longer) make Big Box instantly crash after the video has ended. So I used Handbrake and re-encoded one of the longer videos, and cut it to 5 seconds - this solves the problem and Big Box can launch after video is complete. So this definitely seems to be an issue with longer intro videos (that are "skippable" I might add). I can run the longer ones if I skip and press enter in the middle of the video. So the problem only seems to occur if I let the longer video/s finish. It doesn't matter if I put them i Startup folder or if I name them startup and ut them in Videos root folder. Also, changing between VLC and MPC makes no difference. Any ideas?
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