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  1. I use the K55 keyboard. I doubt that a big company like Corsair will care about just one report about that issue, I am just glad that the issue is solved :). Thanks for your help!
  2. Yes! I found the culprit. The source of the issue was Corsair Utility Engine, I tried removing my programs one by one and then restarting. As soon as I removed Corsair Utility Engine everything went back to normal. This is not an ideal solution for people with Corsair hardware like me, so I hope you would be able to solve it soon.
  3. Hi again. I hate to say that but the problem is back. The only things I installed since my last message are uPlay and Rainbow Six Siege. @Jason Carr, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you reproduce this issue and get it sorted out for the few users that are experiencing it, including myself.
  4. Urgh, still not fixed. Thanks though. I guess it's time to try to perform a Windows clean install, I'll update as soon as I am done.
  5. Anyone? Please? The loading times are really unbearable, even when I perform the tiniest change on BigBox settings it hangs for a long while.
  6. Exactly. Also, I have only 2 games in Launchbox so it really is weird that it takes so long.
  7. Uh, I feel stupid. I used a controller and the W,A,S,D keys instead of the arrows. However, the problem is still not solved to the fullest because as I said - it takes years for BigBox to launch, it seems like it's stuck on the loading screen (also shows as not responding in task manager) but then again, after a few minutes it does launch.
  8. I have updated to the latest feature update of Windows 10 via Windows Update and also reinstalled .NET framework 4.7 but all of the issues are still there This is how it looks like when I launch BigBox after waiting in the loading screen for a long time, then it's not taking any input.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply @Jason Carr. I am definitely not planning to refund it :), I did try it a few months ago before buying it and it worked flawlessly (without big box of course, no idea what's wrong now). I am using Windows 10 Home, 64 bit. Specs: Intel Core i5 4690 AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB RAM UPDATE: Okay, so if you leave the settings and BigBox loading screen on for a few good minutes they do launch at some point (However, when BigBox does launch the other issue happens - It just freezes on the platform selection menu)
  10. Hi!I just bought Launchbox and I am experiencing lots of bugs. Whenever I go to tools > options - the program freezes and crashes.Whenever I try to launch BigBox it either shows the BigBox title and then just freezes and doesn't launch OR it does launch but gets frozen at the platform selection menu. How can i solve it?
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