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  1. Great thanks! I'll try that. If I don't reply assume all went well. Thanks again!
  2. I scrolled thru the options for "this game" or whatever in mame but don't see anything that might be to adust that?
  3. I'm using a Logitech F310 controller which works perfectly for most Mame games, but in the Arkanoid games it moves the screen paddle way too fast. How do I slow it down?
  4. Update: The files are T64 and D64 zipped files, same as my hand picked ones from elsewhere that do auto run. Have no clue why the V3 Gamebase roms won't auto start for me. I've even tried loading WinVice on it's own and not in lb, then attaching a D64 disk image and nothing, but my roms from elsewhere will auto start with this method too. There must be something different about the game base roms. They'll load on the C64, they just won't auto run. Btw sorry for the highlighted text. Don't know why editor is doing that.
  5. Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:47 am Post subject: To hold me over until I get GameBase Commodore 64 V15 Roms, I managed to get the V3 ROMs. Unzipped properly, leaving the individual ROMs still zipped. When I launch the game with Launchbox via WinVice it shortly loads with the usual "*" but doesn't run. Just sits at the C64 Ready command prompt. I've got a few hand picked ROMs from elsewhere that load and auto run properly, so obviously something is different with the gamebase ROMs. I have yet to look into their zips to see what file type they are, but I'm guessing they're going to be something different. Any idea how to set Winvice to auto run these files? BTW probably makes no difference, but the hand picked ROMs I got elsewhere are setup under a different platform and folder in lb, but it and V3 still use the same Winvice emulator. Thinking the issue is lb needs a different Winvice launch command to make it autoload and run gamebase'd particular c64 file format?
  6. Cool thanks. BTW if you mark a game as not working does it still show in the playlist?
  7. I've picked a bunch of favorites in Mame. Can this list be put in the platforms "wheel" on Big box so I don't have to click on arcade and then star to get to it?
  8. Can't find the option in big box. Does it have this feature?
  9. Yep that was the issue. I pressed tab to save after I went back in rom pathway setup menu. Didn't realize you need to do it at the very last pathway folder you've clicked on. I'm up an running on launchbox and already played a few mame games. Thanks everybody for the help!
  10. I recreated the ini to be safe. And here I thought I'd finally be ready to play a few games but nope. Figured I'd launch Mame directly first instead of thru lb to see if all was good. Within Mame interface I set my ROMs path to where all my roms are since they're not in the roms folder. Saved config. Tried to run several games and nothing works. Keep getting missing required rom or chd images. I'm using a 0.185 split ROM pack with the 0.185 emulator and pretty darn sure the ROM pack has all those. Guessing I've got to set more pathways or something? I'll check the tutorial to see if this is addressed. I've only read about creating the ini so far in it.
  11. That worked! But not at first. Saw the in file was created, but when I tried to run Mame.exe it did same thing... Small window quickly opens and closes. So I opened the ini file using notepad to do what you guys suggested before... Change video setting to ddraw. It was set to auto. Now mame lauches! Thanks! But question, the only place I saw video listed was under OSD VIDEO OPTIONS, but I see there are other headers that say things like windows video options, but with no video setting below them. Did I edit right one? And final question: I created this ini file with a test copy of mame I keep on my main hard drive to experiment with. The copy I'm using for launchbox is on an external drive. Can I just copy this ini file over to it or do I need to repeat creating the ini file with the launchbox mame copy? Wondering if certain pathways are created when the ini is created? Thanks again! Rest of the mame and ini settings I'll gleam from the tutorial.
  12. I followed your mame tutorial instructions on how to create the mame ini file by creating a shortcut to the mame.exe and copying that in properties, and then pasting it into the command prompt and putting a space then -cc after it. Pressed enter and nothing happened. I then went to file explorer to see if the file exists now but nope. What am I doing wrong?
  13. I looked in the ini folder and it wasn't there. So when I do the command line what's the next step after it's created? Should I use notepad to edit it and what defaults should be in it? If this is all covered in your tutorial I'll look there. I was planning to watch it after I got mame going to garner any info on screen aspect and other settings. I've setup name before in retropie but should delve more into it's deeper settings. Edit: I'll watch that tutorial first and see if my ini questions are answered on what to do next and what to put in it.
  14. Thanks for the video card info. Well, went to check the mame.ini file and it doesn't exist. I have Windows set to show all hidden files and extensions and looked in every mame folder. It's not there. So how do I create this file or does somebody have a copy they can link? And what folder should it be placed in? I'm obviously no expert on this stuff but it seems insane to me that mame doesn't include this file and won't even run without it. I tried downloading several versions of Mame to look for it, and even tried to run Mame to see if it would create it. Nope. Did a little searching on the web and others seemed to have been missing it too but the answers on how to create it assumed prior knowledge I don't have and were too vague in that respect.
  15. Sometime this year I'm going to build a new computer as I want to have all PCIe generation 3 slots (mine are only gen 2) and USB 3.1 ports. Then I'll add a video card. Or, can you recommend a card that will be ok on this but also good for the new computer as well? Something cheap but decent. I'm not really into the newer PC games but may play a few down the road. I'm mainly into 1980's arcade and Commodore 64 and Amiga stuff I grew up on. For some reason the modern "movie like" game just don't appeal to me. I know a video card is unneeded for the retro stuff but as said I'll dabble with a few modern games down the road. Will update on the mame issue when I try the suggested fix.
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