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  1. Hey guys, had some problems because my games were on my NAS System. Now i moved Launchbox on my internal harddrive and left the games on my NAS. In Launchbox itself i entered the changed file path of the Emulators and the Roms. But is there any way to change the File Paths in RocketLauncher UI , too? The Plus sign above is transparent - no chance to enter a path. Furthermore i have another problem: Roms i play with Retroarch load extemely slow and the picture flickers totally. I have a 4K Monitor but the settings by default and nothing changed. Could you help me out?
  2. DarkRiverCoke

    Slow loading Times

    Do you think it would be better, to start a new Setup and just use the Games from Colpipes? Launchbox is easy to setup, but I thought such a finished build would save work. Just be afraid that it is actually because the files are on the NAS Drive.
  3. DarkRiverCoke

    Slow loading Times

    Hey guys and girls, i'm a big fan of your Project but im getting big problems with the Loading Times of Launchbox Big Box. I think that i dont have the best conditions for my setup, but the loading times are up to 20 - 30 Minutes. I have a high-end gaming PC and a set-up of just over 20,000 games by Colpipes. However, I have the whole thing not internally but on an external Nas hard drive. Is this maybe the Problem? Using a WD My Cloud. Unfortunately, due to the huge amount, the games are no longer running smoothly. Do I have to upgrade to an internal hard drive or are this just too many games for Launchbox?
  4. DarkRiverCoke

    Nvidia Shield - How do you set up the Controller?

    Has anyone an idea? Would love to play on the Shield.
  5. Hello Guys, i would love to use Launchbox , but before i buy Premium , I would love to test it on the Nivdia Shield. It works via Gamestream but how can i manage to use my Controller? Do i have to use the Controller on PC? It doesnt do anything when i start the Game. Cant do anything when i launch Launchbox.